Fortify Your Florida Home: How to Qualify for the $10,000 Grant in 2023


For Floridians, hurricane season can be a stressful time, particularly for those who require assistance fortifying their residences against the elements. Fortunately, the My Safe Florida Home program is coming to the rescue. Launched in November as part of a comprehensive property insurance reform law, this program provides up to $10,000 in financial assistance for home improvements such as new windows, doors, and roofs. As we progress through 2023, now is a fantastic time to investigate this program’s eligibility requirements and benefits.

Initial funding, amounting to $115 million, has already been secured. However, the program does not end there. On July 1, an additional $100 million and expanded eligibility requirements will become available, making it simpler for more homeowners to take advantage of this valuable opportunity. To qualify for the My Safe Florida Home program in 2023, you must satisfy the following criteria:

Ownership and Residency: Applicants must be the owner and occupant of the residence they wish to enhance.

Homestead Exemption: You must qualify for the homestead exemption.

The insured value of the property must be $700,000 or less.

Permit for Construction: The home’s first building construction permit must have been issued prior to January 1, 2008.

Income Requirements: In order to qualify for the low-income grant, a household’s income must be at or below 80% of the area’s median income.

Home Inspections: Applicants must consent to two free home inspections, the first at the beginning of the application procedure and the second after the work has been completed.

Approved Contractors: Owners must select an approved contractor for the program. The proprietor must pay the contractor in full prior to receiving reimbursement.

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My Safe Florida Home: Building Resilient Communities through Financial Support

Photo by: Techa Tungateja via iStock Photo

Since its inception, the program has generated considerable interest. As of this month, more than 19,000 residents have submitted applications, more than 11,000 have been granted, and roughly 500 have been compensated. Due to a backlog of applications, some participants have experienced delays in approval and reimbursement, despite the program’s objective to expedite the process. The original version, which was operational from 2006 to 2009, was plagued by problems such as waiting lists, invoicing discrepancies, and inspector issues. To resolve these issues, the program has been revamped to improve the customer experience and provide applicants with more effective assistance. In a state with the nation’s highest property insurance premiums, fortifying residences against storms is a proactive approach to reducing losses. 

My Safe Florida Home is a resourceful program that provides financial assistance to householders who wish to protect their homes and communities. As hurricane season approaches, the expansion and enhancements of this program demonstrate Florida’s dedication to the safety and resilience of its residents. My Safe Florida Home could provide the assistance you need if you’re a Florida homeowner seeking to weather the storm with confidence.

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