Financial Relief: Lowering Your Student Loan Monthly Payments


Do you have trouble keeping up with your student loan payments? Here are some choices to help make the process more manageable, whether you are just starting to repay your loans or have been doing so for some time.

Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) Plan

With the help of this plan, which takes into account your income, your monthly payments could occasionally be as little as $0. Remember that enrollment in an IDR plan is only good for a year, and in order to continue on the plan, you must recertify your income and family size before the year is out. 

You can recertify early to receive a new payment amount immediately away if your income decreases. You don’t need to wait for the annual recertification if you apply to recalculate your current IDR plan if your family grows or your income falls. Without having to wait for the yearly recertification, you can also change to another IDR plan whenever it better suits your circumstances.

Consider postponement or forbearance if you only require short-term assistance. These choices enable you to temporarily stop or lower your federal student loan payments, preventing default. Remember that interest will continue to collect throughout this time, and it’s important to comprehend how it affects your debt and any prospects for forgiveness.

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Federal Student Loan Consolidation: A Viable Option for Simplified Repayment and Potential Savings

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Loan consolidation is an additional choice. Your federal student debts are consolidated into one loan with a single monthly payment. Although it could lengthen the repayment duration, it might cut your monthly cost. Be warned that if you have unpaid interest, consolidation may result in a rise in your principal debt.

Additionally, you can lose credit for payments made toward income-driven repayment forgiveness, and the new consolidation loan would have a different interest rate. Remember that once you consolidate into a Direct Consolidation Loan, there is no going back. Make sure you have a solid understanding of what each choice entails and how it will affect your loan situation prior to making any judgments.

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