Stimulus Roundup August 2023: Unveiling the States Distributing Payments


As the pandemic catastrophe has ended in 2023, the federal stimulus payments disseminated in the United States during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic are a distant memory. Nonetheless, a number of states have issued their own tax rebates and additional stimulus programs to continue assisting households. Despite the fact that the majority of the registration deadlines for state-issued stimulus payments have passed, a few states are still distributing payments.

This is due to either the recent approval of new stimulus packages or the need to distribute the remaining funds from their initial allocation. Tax rebates and Special Session Rebates were distributed in Idaho in March and September 2022. While the majority of rebate payments for 2022 have already been disbursed, the Idaho State Tax Commission continues to make payments to eligible taxpayers as they submit tax returns.

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State Tax Rebate Deadlines and Distribution Updates

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The submission deadline for the Illinois Income Tax Rebate and Property Tax Rebate was October 17, 2022 in Illinois. Even though the majority of payments have been made, the state comptroller has indicated that distribution will continue until all eligible recipients receive their rebates. Massachusetts began issuing state tax refunds in November 2022, and the majority of these refunds have been issued. Applicants qualified for a 14.0312 percent reimbursement on their 2021 Massachusetts state tax liability. Those who have not yet submitted their 2021 tax return may still be eligible for a refund by filing by September 15, 2023.

Based on their state tax liability, Montana residents may qualify for a property tax rebate of up to $675 and/or an income tax rebate. The issuance of individual income tax rebates began in July 2023 and will conclude on December 31, 2023, in the order in which they were lodged. In New Mexico, residents will receive two categories of rebates in 2023: one for taxpayers and the other for non-filers. The income tax rebate is $1,000 for married couples filing jointly and $500 for individuals and married individuals filing separately.

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