CalWorks 2023 Income Limits: Calculating Eligibility Thresholds


The goals of the CalWORKs program include promoting work to help families become self-sufficient, providing financial assistance for children without adequate support, maintaining and upholding the family unit, offering opportunities for family rehabilitation whenever feasible, and guaranteeing that children who cannot live in their own homes receive proper care and treatment.

To be eligible for CalWORKs, a child and his or her impoverished parents or relative caregivers must meet specific requirements. The child must be deprived of parental support or care due to the demise, physical or mental incapacity of at least one parent, the applicant parent’s inability to work or working fewer than 100 hours per month, or the applicant parent’s persistent absence from the home.

Children are qualified for CalWORKs until the age of 18, or until the age of 18 if they are enrolled in full-time high school or vocational school and are anticipated to complete the program before turning 19. The combined value of the family’s personal and real property must not exceed certain limits, with distinct limits imposed on families with elderly members. As long as the family resides in the residence, it is exempt from taxation, as is one automobile up to a certain value.

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CalWORKs Residency and Income Criteria

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CalWORKs has no specific residency requirements, but families must be legitimate residents of the United States and intend to remain in California in order to qualify. CalWORKs has a gross income limit, which is determined by subtracting $450 from the earnings of each employed family member and then adding the remaining earned and unearned income to determine the family’s total net income.

If this quantity exceeds the Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care (MBSAC) for the family size, eligibility for CalWORKs may be denied. To qualify for CalWORKs, a family must have resources comprising no more than $10,888, or $16,333 if it includes an individual with a disability or an individual aged 60 or older.

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