CalFresh Recertification Deadline Approaching: Secure Benefits for Next Month


There can be a great deal of paperwork involved in receiving any type of US government benefit, whether it’s procuring the money or ensuring that you continue to receive it when you still require it. Numerous CalFresh applicants are unaware that they must recertify annually in order to continue receiving assistance, as the state must verify that all recipients are still in need. In addition, it is so that the state is aware that individuals are receiving the proper amount of assistance.

Before the 15th of the month in which their CalFresh certification period expires, households must reapply for the program. The majority of California households have a one-year certification period. Certain households with elderly or disabled members have a 24-month certification period, whereas households with only elderly or disabled members and no earned income have a 36-month certification period.

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Responding to Your CalFresh Recertification Notice

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The good news for those who fear they will forget when to recertify or do not know when they should recertify in the first place is that the state must notify you. The regulations require authorities to provide the following information to recipients:

The date on which their certification expires.

The date by which they must submit a recertification application to continue receiving benefits.

Penalties for missing the submission of a recertification registration

Notification of the authority to submit an application form and to have it acknowledged if it contains a signature and clear address information.

Details on alternative submission approaches accessible to households that are unable to visit the certification office in real time or have no access to an authorized representative, along with guidelines regarding how to make use of these options.

The household’s privilege to apply for an equal hearing if recertification is rejected or if it objects to the granting of benefits.

Notice that Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applicants and beneficiaries may apply for CalFresh recertification at a Social Security Administration office.

Remember that skipping an interview could postpone or deny benefits.

Advise the resident’s household that it must reschedule the late interview and complete necessary verification details.

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