Xi Jinping Signals Departure from the Established World Order

The G20 meeting, the year’s most important diplomatic gathering, brought together the most influential world leaders in New Delhi, but Chinese President Xi Jinping decided it was not worth his time. His absence conveys a clear message: China is done with the current global order. Xi is willing to maintain some well-known organizations that he…

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US and Vietnam Strengthen Ties, Stirring Geopolitical Ripples in the South China Sea

As President Joe Biden visits Hanoi in a week, the United States plans to upgrade its diplomatic ties with its erstwhile enemy Vietnam, a decision that may irritate China and have uncertain commercial ramifications. Vietnam had initially expressed hesitation over the upgrade out of concern for the possible response from its much larger neighbor. The…

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US President Biden Voices Disappointment as Chinese President Xi Skips G20 Summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s decision to skip the next G20 conference in India has been described as “disappointed” by US Vice President Joe Biden. According to Reuters, Chinese Premier Li Qiang is anticipated to represent Beijing at the summit in New Delhi this week. I’m disappointed, but I’m going to see him, Mr. Biden told…

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Covert Chinese Operatives Infiltrated US Military Bases Under the Guise of Tourists, Reveals Report

In the most recent escalation of China’s espionage conflict with the United States, Chinese nationals, often posing as tourists, acquired access to top-secret military installations on more than 100 occasions over the past few years, according to a startling new report.  Wall Street Journal reports that in 2022, officials, including FBI agents and Defense Department…

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What’s Behind the Hype? Exploring Huawei’s Latest Smartphone Sensation

An international guessing game over what is inside the newest high-end smartphone from Chinese electronics giant Huawei Technologies has been sparked by its surprise announcement. The business, which has been severely restricted by the U.S. government, started selling its most recent Mate 60 Pro for 6,999 yuan ($964) online on Tuesday, sparking questions about why…

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