California Cash Aid in August: CalWORKs Payment Deposit Schedule


It will soon be August, which means that a large number of benefit recipients in the United States will receive a new payment in the coming days. This comprises all individuals who receive CalWorks Payments at the beginning of each month. In this guide to the CalWorks payment schedule, we will outline when August financial aid deposits are expected for California residents.

What are financial aid deposits in California?

Numerous California residents receive monthly cash aid deposits, which are electronically loaded onto an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. This card can be used similarly to a debit or credit card, but only in select stores and for specific products.

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CalWORKs and CalFresh Payment Schedule for August

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No holidays or weekends will interfere with the CalWorks payment schedule at the beginning of August, so the payment schedule will be relatively straightforward. CalWORKs and CalFresh are outlined on the official website of the state of California, along with their respective eligibility requirements.

According to the CalWORKs website, benefits are disbursed between the first and third calendar days of each month. Under the CalFresh Program, benefits are available on an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card based on the last digit of an individual’s county case number. For instance, if a case number terminates in ‘5’, benefits are available on the EBT card on the fifth day of each month.

You should contact your county’s social services agency if you have any problems receiving benefits.

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