Lost and Found: Delta Passenger’s Dog Rescued Unscathed After 3 Weeks at Atlanta Airport

A dog owner may finally rest after going through nearly a month of pain and anxiety after her lost canine was safely located at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on Saturday, according to airport officials. The 6-year-old dog owned by Delta Air Lines traveler Paula Rodriguez went missing in August at the airport, which is regarded as…

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India’s Moon Rover Unveils Elemental Riches: Sulfur and More Detected Near South Pole

At the lunar south pole, where it is looking for evidence of frozen water over a week after India’s historic moon landing, the moon rover has confirmed the presence of sulfur and found a number of other elements, according to India’s space agency. The Indian Space Research Organization, or ISRO, reported in a post on…

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LGBTQ+ Travel Warning: Ottawa Flags Risk of US State Laws for Canadian Travelers

In a new update to its travel advice for the United States, Foreign Affairs Canada cautions LGBTQ travelers that some state laws may have an impact on their journeys. The warning directs visitors to a government website that offers comprehensive details on how community members might be targeted while visiting other nations. Travelers are cautioned…

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Experts Advice for Traveling in European and US Amidst Heatwave

In case you haven’t heard, this summer has been extremely scorching. From Rome to Phoenix, cities around the globe are experiencing record-breaking temperatures, which is having an effect on travelers. This month, a Delta Air Lines passenger and flight attendant were taken to the hospital for a heat-related issue after the cabin temperature reached an…

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