Beware the Deceit: Unmasking Typical Scams Targeting Stimulus Checks


At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government distributed millions of stimulus checks to mitigate the prevailing economic difficulties. Although there has not been a new federal stimulus check since 2021, con artists are still attempting to defraud individuals. Here, in this guide to stimulus check hoaxes, we’ll explain what to watch out for to avoid being duped by con artists who prey on vulnerable individuals with the promise of free money.

Scammers exploit the desire for a second round of stimulus checks in a variety of ways, including the following:

Sending phishing emails relating to stimulus payments, typically from a questionable email address, and frequently with misspelled words.

In order to receive a stimulus payment, you will be called and asked to verify information.

After sending counterfeit EIP debit cards or fraudulent checks through the mail, victims are asked to wire transfer funds back to a specified account.

These are all practices that neither the IRS nor the United States government would engage in, as they constitute evident security and privacy breaches; therefore, it is prudent to be extra vigilant.

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Here’s How to Spot Fraudulent Stimulus Checks

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Government agencies have issued warnings about these fraudulent stimulus check schemes. IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig stated at the onset of these hoaxes, Con artists continue to use the pandemic to intimidate or confound potential victims into handing over their hard-earned money or personal information.

Everyone should be wary of suspect phone calls, texts, and emails that promise nonexistent benefits. Despite the fact that the pandemic is now in the rearview mirror, scammers are still active with fraudulent promises of another stimulus check or additional stimulus money, so it is prudent to remain vigilant.

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