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Why Biden Will Be Forced to Issue a Fourth Stimulus Check! | Must Know!


Many Americans sign petitions for a fourth stimulus check as the COVID-19 spreads like wildfire at the start of 2022. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, stimulus cheques were a lifeline for the American populace, and they helped keep the economy afloat during the lockdown-induced depression.

There is currently no chance of a fourth stimulation check. Nonetheless, the current circumstances may force President Biden to take action to help the ordinary man. The federal government issued three stimulus cheques as a result of the Corona pandemic.

Direct payments of $1,200 were given in the first stimulus package, and $600 was sent to Americans in the second. As part of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Act, $1,400 stimulus checks were mailed out.

The Lack of Necessity for a Fourth Stimulus Check Is Negated by the Economic Recovery and Low Unemployment

The idea of a fourth inspection has become remote due to a number of considerations. The economy is on the mend again, and unemployment rates are at record lows. Inflation is also on the rise, and the stimulus cheques are frequently blamed. No one, however, expected the COVID-19 fourth wave to resurface. Furthermore, the Omicron strain is extremely virulent, and it has the potential to quickly overwhelm the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

Fourth Stimulus Check
Why Biden Will Be Forced to Issue a Fourth Stimulus Check! | Must Know!

While the number of COVID-19 cases has increased, the symptoms are less severe, and individuals who have been vaccinated should expect to be protected against the virus. However, the situation is fluid, and everything could change if the pandemic takes an unforeseen turn in the remaining days. If a new variety emerges, it may be able to evade the vaccine’s protection. It’s possible that the issue will revert to square one.

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Poll Figures That Are Abysmal Could Force President Obama to Issue a Fourth Stimulus Check

President Biden must begin to be concerned about his dwindling popularity. According to data from the analytics firm Gallup, his approval rating was 56 percent a few months ago. His approval rating, on the other hand, has dropped to 43%. When he signed the third stimulus package into law, he had the greatest approval rating. If his ratings continue to plummet, he may be obliged to resort to further stimulus.

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