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When Asked About Russia’s ‘evil’ Actions, Donald Trump Condemns Nato!

Russia's 'evil' Actions

NATO has been chastised by Donald Trump for failing to prevent atrocities. Instead of speaking out against President Vladimir Putin, Russia is accused of perpetrating crimes in Ukraine.

Trump, whose relationship with Russia as president has long been a source of controversy, has been chastised in recent weeks for failing to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin during the conflict in Ukraine, and for praising him as a “genius” and “savvy” for his tactics in planning the invasion in late February.

Sean Hannity of Fox News asked if the alleged war crimes perpetrated by Russia during the conflict, such as the slaughter of people and the bombing of schools and hospitals, were “evil in our day.”

In answer, Trump, who earlier told Hannity that what is happening in Ukraine is a “holocaust,” sought to sidestep the subject of Russia’s “evil” deeds in favor of claiming credit for NATO’s continued existence. Russia has denied any wrongdoing.

Trump also remained silent on Putin, whom he claims to “know well,” while asserting that the invasion would not have happened if he were still president.

“I believe that in 100 years, people will look back and wonder how we and NATO were able to stand back, which I’ve dubbed the paper tiger in many ways,” Trump added.

“Don’t forget, I rebuilt NATO because the first thing I discovered when I arrived at the first meeting as president was that the majority of the countries were not paying, or were paying considerably less than they were required to.” Only eight countries out of a total of 28 were paid in full.”

Despite his claims that he “rebuilt” NATO during his presidency, Trump has threatened to pull the United States out of the military alliance, thinking it is a financial drain and that other countries aren’t investing the required 2% of GDP.

Trump also debunked claims that he “didn’t do anything” about Russia during his discussion with Hannity, claiming that he implemented sanctions to halt the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would allow Russia to increase gas supplies to Germany.

While bragging about his friendship with Putin, Trump claimed that the war “would never have happened” if he was still in office.

“I knew Putin well, nearly as well as I knew you, Sean, and I’ll tell you, we discussed it. We spent a lot of time talking about it. He wanted Ukraine, but I told him he couldn’t travel there.

“Not under the Trump administration, he would never have gone into Ukraine, and President Xi of China would never have considered going into Taiwan.”

More Updates:

The Biden administration recently blasted Trump for requesting that Putin “release” dirt on President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, when Russia was being accused of war crimes.

“What type of American, let alone an ex-president, believes that now is the moment to engage in a conspiracy with Vladimir Putin and brag about his ties to Vladimir Putin?”

On March 30, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield told reporters, “There is only one, and his name is Donald Trump.”

A request for comment from Trump has been made.

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