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What You’ll Get in 2022: Expert Says Stimulus Payment Could Come Without Congress’ Permission | Latest Updates!


This is how a progressive organizer thinks Congress should be bypassed when it comes to giving out automatic stimulus funds: Then, his plan would still have to get the go-ahead from Congress to start.

An economist named Adam Ruben is proposing “automatic stabilizers” that would track unemployment levels and automatically send out stimulus checks as well as unemployment benefits, according to the Sun newspaper.

Automatic stabilizers would not need to be approved by Congress after they were passed. Even though Congress would have to agree on how much money would be paid out before they could be put into place. Even in this politically tense time, that might not be very likely.

Did the Federal Reserve’s Stimulus Payments Contribute to the Rise in Inflation?

Is it true that stimulus payments caused the rise in prices we’re seeing now? Conservative and progressive economists are split on this question! Many people say that a lot of things came together. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, from supply chain strains to pent-up demand, from pandemic lockdowns to stimulus checks, that can happen.

When you work with Round Table Wealth Management in New York City, Steven Saunders is a director and portfolio manager. He says that a mix of global supply chain problems and government stimulus payments caused inflation to rise so high.

Saunders: “At the same time that the global supply chain was experiencing major disruptions, stimulus payments meant that many people had extra money to spend.” Since most of the economy was closed during that time, people spent their money on things like TVs or materials for home improvement instead of services like eating out or traveling. Many people had to pay more for these products because there were not as many of them to choose from. That caused inflation to go up.

This Is What You'll Get in 2022: Expert Says That the Fourth Payment Could Come Without Congress' Permission

John P. Micklitsch, the chief investment officer of Ancora, told Forbes that government spending was a factor in the rise in prices. Ancora is an investment company. But it was just one of many.

This is mostly because of Covid’s supply chain disruption, government spending to fill the gap in the economy, and vaccine rollouts and economies getting back on their feet are all to blame.

Still, Micklitsch said that the pandemic also revealed more than a decade of underinvestment in the global commodity supply chain, which led to the spread of the disease. There was a strong desire for “just-in-time” inventories, which made suppliers vulnerable to this kind of supply jolt. It will be important for them to deal with that in the future, to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

The White House Hasn’t Come Up With a New Round Yet

The Biden administration doesn’t seem to be ready to come up with another idea for stimulus payments. Of course, that could change at any time. It’s said that this year, Biden’s main goal is to get his Build Back Better bill through the Senate.

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When centrist Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is elected, everything will depend on him! (D-WV). Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates say that the bill could cost up to $3 trillion if lawmakers keep provisions like the child tax credit in place for more than one year. Because of the national deficit, he says he’s worried about it.

As it stands now, Manchin says he doesn’t like the way the legislation is written right now. After a fight between Manchin and the White House at the end of last year, the senator will need a lot of convincing before he’ll change his mind.

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