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What Is the Process for the Additional Georgia State Income Tax Refund?


You may soon notice more money in your account after Gov. Brian Kemp signed a return scheme into law on Wednesday. It would provide Georgia taxpayers with more than a billion dollars. Many individuals commented, texted, or wrote us with queries about how it will operate after hearing the announcement… So let’s get you some answers.

How Do I Qualify for the State Income Tax Income and How Do I Apply for It?

The bill provides refunds ranging from $250 to $500 depending on how you file your taxes.

Single filers may be eligible for $250, heads of households may be eligible for $375, and married couples filing jointly may be eligible for up to $500.

To get the additional payments, you must file your 2020 AND 2021 forms by the deadline, including extensions, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue. The measure only grants a “one-time tax credit,” according to Governor Brian Kemp’s statement.

Income Tax Refund

The refund would be applied first to any unpaid state taxes. Anything left over would then be sent to you.

The refund will be applied first to any debt you may owe the state, such as delinquent child support payments, according to the state.

But What if Your Tax Returns Have Already Been Filed? When Will You Get Your Money Back?

The state hasn’t established a deadline, but if you’ve already filed for 2021 and it hasn’t been processed, the Revenue Department will lump your refund in with the rest of your refund. If your 2021 return has already been processed, you will receive a different refund.

The Revenue Department will deposit your return into your most recently designated bank account. They will send you a check if you did not select to receive your refund via direct deposit.

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