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Update On The 5th Stimulus Check Hope For U.S Citizens In January 2022

In the year 2022 with no clear indication that the federal government would issue the fourth round of stimulus checks in the United States, many residents are concerned about how the COVID-19 epidemic will affect them.

Democrats Want To Keep The Child Tax Credit After Manchin Destroys Biden’s Social Spending Bill.

With the recent spread of the omicron version of the virus and concerns about additional lockdowns, fatalities, job losses, inflation, and the cost of living, many Americans are unhappy and concerned about how they will adapt to the present economic climate.

The Year Is Nearing Its End

Even though it appears that the federal government will not be providing a fourth stimulus check next year – due to President Biden’s administration’s failure to pass his Build Back Better bill and the high cost of such a program – estimated to be around $2 trillion – there is still some relief for thousands of worried Americans. In the United States of America, this takes the form of UBI, or “Universal Basic Income” payments, which are given on a local or state level.

Update On The 5th Stimulus Check Hope For U.S Citizens In January 2022
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Payments Under the Universal Basic Income

There are currently at least 33 programs in the United States that offer UBI payments to eligible citizens, according to an article written by Jason Lalljee on Business Insider online titled “33 basic and guaranteed income programs where cities and states give direct payments to residents, no strings attached.”

Furthermore, in a more positive view, some countries will continue to provide similar assistance in the coming year in order to promote the economy and assist their inhabitants. So, even if the federal government is unable or unwilling to continue to give stimulus checks or payments, some residents who are qualified and take advantage of such programs next year will be relieved.

Such guaranteed income programs pay their participants hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. Furthermore, as Jason Lalljee writes in an article for Business Insider, “the programs were even more popular during the epidemic as it became evident how much direct checks assist;” In the United States of America, there are at least 33 active or formerly active UBI or guaranteed income schemes.

In other words, some of these programs will continue to provide individuals with assistance in the form of universal basic income (UBI) or guaranteed income programs in the coming year. The following items are included in this list:

  • The Compton Pledge, situated in Compton, California, will provide $1,800 to qualified individuals every three months until December 2022. (800 participants)
  • Growing Resilience, located in Washington, provides $500 per month to qualifying individuals (110 participants)
  • And the Alaska Permanent Fund, which provides between $800 and $2,000 per year to all inhabitants in the state.

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