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Unvaccinated Workers Will Be Fired by This Company Before the End of the Month. What Happens Next?


Many people hoped that the COVID-19 epidemic would be under control by the year 2022. That expectation was dashed, however, by the discovery of the highly transmittable omicron form. A record number of cases have already been filed, and hospital systems throughout the country are already feeling the strain.

Some companies are feeling the effects of the current pandemic as well. As the infection rate rises, so will the number of employees who must take time off for illness or be quarantined as a result of exposures. Is this what you came up with? Productivity was slashed as a result.

It’s a problem that one company is trying to address by requiring all employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Employees at Citigroup have until Jan. 14 to provide proof of vaccination. Failure to comply will result in the termination of such employees on or before January 31st.

Bold, and one that many firms may follow.

Citigroup appears to be the Wall Street corporation with the most aggressive immunisation programme thus far. Although a number of corporations are requiring their employees to be vaccinated, so far no significant players have publicly stated an end date for non-compliant personnel.

Unvaccinated Workers Will Be Fired by This Company Before the End of the Month. What Happens Next?

Citigroup, on the other hand, is pressing through with its preparations because it wants to ensure that employees who return to work in the near future may do so in a safe manner.

As the mid-January deadline draws closer, the company’s vaccination obligation is being adhered to by an increasing percentage of its workforce, most likely to avoid layoffs.

If Citigroup is an example, would other corporations follow suit? That’s a real risk, given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers who aren’t vaccinated might put the workplace at risk, and companies may not want to take that chance.

In the United States, may an employer dismiss an employee for failing to be vaccinated?

Due to medical or religious reasons, most corporations are legally compelled to provide exemptions from their vaccination policies. However, may individuals who don’t qualify for an exemption be fired for cause? Absolutely.

If not being vaccinated is a blatant breach of a corporate policy, then it is cause for dismissal. A person dismissed for not following a vaccination mandate would also be ineligible for unemployment benefits, as such are normally only available if a worker is not fired for cause.

If you’re unvaccinated and don’t qualify for an exemption, where do you end up? Unfortunately, if your employer decides to enforce a compulsion, you may have little choices.


However, if you find yourself in this circumstance, you might ask for the opportunity to work from home. Depending on how long you’ve been with the company, they may or may not agree to this option.

Keep in mind that if your company agrees to let you work remotely but generally requires you to commute, it may also attempt to reduce your salary for this arrangement. Make sure you have some emergency funds set up in case your income is reduced.

You may, of course, look for a remote-only job that doesn’t require vaccinations, as workers don’t really come to the office. If your present employment necessitates a vaccination, and you don’t have one or qualify for an exemption, you might find yourself on the chopping block, as has happened to a number of Citigroup employees. Beware.

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