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United States Set a Record for the Number of Virus Cases in a Single Day, For the Second Day in a Row


The United States exceeded its own record for new daily coronavirus infections with more than 580,000 cases, surpassing a mark set just the day before.

According to The New York Times’ database, Thursday’s total surpassed the 488,000 new cases reported on Wednesday, which was nearly double the greatest number seen last winter. As the globe approaches its third year of the epidemic, the back-to-back record-breaking days are increasing evidence of the virus’s rapid spread.

Hospitalizations and fatalities, on the other hand, have not increased as much, suggesting that the omicron version is gentler than delta and causes fewer episodes of serious disease.

Thousands of flights were canceled around the country, leaving would-be tourists stranded, while others waited in line for hours to receive a coronavirus test.


Experts equate the Christmas season with huge disruptions in testing and data reporting, so the high figures are even more surprising. The surge of at-home testing might also imply that some instances aren’t being counted.

Last year, the so-called holiday curve showed a significant drop in cases after Thanksgiving and Christmas, underreporting the real increase in cases. It’s possible that many more persons have the virus this season than are being counted; the exact number may not be known for a few weeks.

The latest form, omicron, is driving the worldwide spike. While it is more contagious, studies demonstrate that instances with the variation are less severe. Vaccinations have previously been shown to lessen the virus’s severity.

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According to The New York Times’ database, the majority of Americans, 62 percent, are completely immunized. At least one dosage has been given to about three-quarters of the population. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 68.8 million people who have been completely vaccinated have also gotten a third dosage, or booster injection, since Aug. 13.

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