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Turbotax Will Pay Arkansas $1 Million for Misleading Advertising!


As part of a multi-state settlement involving TurboTax, Intuit Inc has agreed to pay around $1 million to the state of Arkansas.

According to a news release from the Arkansas Attorney General’s office, the settlement was reached as a result of a multi-state investigation that discovered Intuit advertised its TurboTax program as being free while actually charging clients.

Customers are likely to receive a refund of $30 for each year that Turbo Tax was used. According to reports, the firm defrauded around 36,000 Arkansans.

Turbotax Will Pay Arkansas $1 Million for Misleading Advertising!

According to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, “Intuit knowingly tricked consumers into paying for their Turbo Tax service, which was originally meant to be free,” in a statement.

As a result of its lies to Arkansans, Intuit profited, and as a result of this settlement, Intuit will pay more than $1 million to Arkansans as a result of its fraud.

In addition to refunding paying customers, Intuit will be required to suspend advertising campaigns that promote TurboTax as a free tax preparation service, provide more information in its marketing, and allow consumers to start their tax filing over if they switch from one of Intuit’s paid products to a free product, among other things.

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An Intuit spokeswoman told ProPublica in a statement in 2019 that the company “empowers our customers to take responsibility for their financial lives, which includes being in charge of their own tax preparation.”

It is estimated that the settlement would cost $141 million and will cover all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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