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Trump Threatens Ron Desantis’ Wife Over 2024 Run


Donald Trump has said that if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis runs for the Republican nomination in 2024, he will put out bad information about him.

After leaving a rally in Dayton, Ohio, on Monday, Trump said on his private jet, “I will tell you things about him that are not very flattering.” “I know more about him than anyone else, maybe even more than his wife, who is running his campaign.”

Trump is getting more upset about the Florida governor’s political ambitions as the former president gets ready to run for president for the third time. In Ohio, he said that on November 15, he will make “very big news” at Mar-a-Lago. Most people think that he will run for president in 2024.

At a rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, Trump called his possible opponent “Ron DeSanctimonious.” DeSantis was also not asked to a rally in Miami, Florida, the next day before the midterms. Rolling Stone says that Trump was thinking about running in Florida just to “stick it” to DeSantis.

On Monday, Trump is said to have said, “I’m not sure he’s running.” “I think he will hurt himself badly if he runs.” DeSantis has been raising money for his campaign while traveling out of state to help conservative candidates like Doug Mastriano.

Rolling Stone says that Trump and his family think DeSantis is stealing their style and trademark. Even so, Trump told reporters outside a Palm Beach, Florida, polling place that he had voted for DeSantis in the race for Florida governor.

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