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To Revolutionise Solar Electricity, Scientists Have Made a Breakthrough in “Wonder Material”!


Perovskite, the “miracle” material, has been found to be a commercially viable approach to producing ultra-efficient solar cells.

One of the most significant breakthroughs in renewable energy generation and zero-carbon goals was accomplished by researchers from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and Imperial College London (ICL).

When compared to conventional silicon-based solar cells, perovskite has been acclaimed for its superior performance; yet, the material has proven to be too unstable for commercial application until recently.

The next-generation cells are predicted to be cheaper, lighter, and more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity, which would allow for new uses like coating windows with transparent solar panels.

There is no doubt that perovskite is “a miraculous material,” according to Zeev Valy Vardeny, a Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of Utah.

Breakthrough in "Wonder Material"!

It was previously anticipated that commercialization of the technology would be at least a decade away, but this discovery has the potential to speed things up significantly.

In order to overcome the challenging features of perovskite, chemists used a metal-containing substance called ferrocenes, which they inserted as an interface between the light-absorbing layer of the solar cell and the layer that transports the electrons.

An Imperial College chemistry professor says that ferrocenes can help solve the problems with perovskite solar cells.

The scientists were the first to develop a solar cell that could perform as well as silicon cells while also being stable, thanks to this ground-breaking technology.

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With 1,500 hours of continuous light, the new solar cells were able to maintain 98 percent of their effectiveness.

Dr. Zhu Zonglong, an assistant professor in CityU’s Department of Chemistry, says the most important feature of this work is that we successfully built highly efficient perovskite solar cells with promising stability.

“The trustworthy results indicate that perovskites are on their road to commercialization. With this unique chemical and simple process, we are aiming to increase the production of perovskite solar cells, which will contribute to the worldwide “zero-carbon” sustainability objective.

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