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This Year, Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Urging the United States to Restore Its ‘Christian Values’ in the Spirit of the Season.


Greene said Friday that she was running for Congress in order to “restore” the United States to the “Christian principles” that she credited with “[giving] rise to the greatest nation the world has ever known”.

Rep. Gwen Greene wished all Americans and her constituents in Georgia’s 14th District a “joyous and glorious Christmas season” in a video posted to her official Twitter account.

If you are a Christian, you will remember and celebrate Christ’s birth during this time. The birth of Jesus of Nazareth, God’s greatest gift to the world. Joy to the world! The Lord has come! Let earth receive her king are some of the most uplifting words in the Christmas carol. “The more peace, prosperity, and freedom we have, the more I believe,” she said. “I believe with all my heart.”

This Year, Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Urging the United States to Restore Its 'Christian Values' in the Spirit of the Season.

Exactly why I entered politics was to help restore America to the Christian principles that have made this country the greatest in the world’s history. She added, “Happy Holidays.”

Political rhetoric from the Republican Party often refers to a wide range of goals held by the religious right, including restricting abortion access and denying same-sex marriage in some cases.

Since she was sworn in as a member of Congress on January 3rd, freshman Republican Ms. Greene, whose district extends from the outskirts of Atlanta to the northern border of Georgia with Tennessee, has gained notoriety for her confrontational tactics and offensive rhetoric.

She was stripped of her seats on the House Budget Committee and the Education and Labor Committee just one month after she was sworn in because she had promoted a variety of racist, antisemitic, or otherwise baseless conspiracy theories.

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As a result, she has also been known to advocate for conspiracy theories that are in line with QAnon, the conspiracy theory that claims that former President Trump was engaged in a secret war against a global cabal of child trafficking, satanic-worshipping pedophiles who control the US government.

A year later, Ms. Greene wrote on Facebook that a spaceborne laser controlled by the Rothschild family, a longtime anti-Semitic target, was responsible for the California wildfires.

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