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This Woman Wished to Die Before Succumbing to Her Disease. Her Request Was Granted at Long Last | Must Know!


Martha Sepulveda, 51, has received her desire.

In the midst of her family, the faithful Roman Catholic died via euthanasia in a facility in Medellin, Colombia, on Saturday morning.

However, it was a long path for the lady who made headlines when she wanted to be permitted to die by euthanasia if she did not have an imminent terminal prognosis — those anticipated to survive for six months or less — stating that she did not want to endure more agony and difficulty from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s illness, an incurable and degenerative condition.

Last November, Sepulveda claimed in a viral television interview with Colombia’s Caracol network, “God does not want to see me suffer.”

However, the facility that approved the treatment last October abruptly canceled the euthanasia just 36 hours before it was scheduled.

Sepulveda fought back quickly in court, and the judges sided with her. “Forcing a person to live for an indefinite period of time when he does not want to and is suffering from severe ailments is equal to cruel and inhuman treatment,” the court said in his ruling.

Martha was permitted to pick a new day and time for her dignified dying as a result of this decision, and she chose Saturday morning, Jan. 8.

“Martha left thanks to everyone who accompanied and supported her, who prayed for her and spoke to her with words of love and empathy during these terrible months,” her attorneys, from the Laboratory of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, said in a statement.

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In championing the right to a dignified death, Sepulveda made history not just throughout her nation but also in the region. The Catholic Church was staunchly opposed to her. Her case crossed boundaries because she spoke frankly about her intention to die and the peace she felt as a devout Catholic.

Sepulveda’s lawyers are hoping that her case will create a precedent. “Those who wish to exercise and protect their right to die with dignity should not be frightened to make their wishes known. Those who use their rights should never be ashamed of doing so “DescLAB team member Lucas Correa Montoya told Noticias Telemundo.

Colombia had already made a huge step forward in the right to a dignified death the day before Sepulveda was euthanized, on Friday. Victor Escobar, a 60-year-old Colombian transporter who had been suffering from numerous health issues for 30 years, was killed at a Cali clinic. It was the first treatment of its kind for a nonterminal patient in that nation and Latin America.

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A Grin That Echoed Across Several Screens

Sepulveda received the news that she was authorized to undergo euthanasia with great excitement before it was unexpectedly canceled last October, and she was recorded rejoicing with her son on television cameras with a few beers in hand. “The best thing that can happen is for you to relax,” says the narrator “‘At the time,’ she remarked.

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