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This Tax Season Will Be a Mess, the IRS Says | Complete Info!


The IRS said Monday that the federal tax filing season would run from January 24 to April 18, warning that personnel shortages and document backlogs might make for a messy and stressful experience for taxpayers.

Officials from the Treasury Department stated in a press conference on Monday that the IRS will struggle to respond to queries from taxpayers and that a reduced level of service should be expected. They accused Republican legislators of the shortage of resources, claiming that they had obstructed efforts to boost money for the IRS.

The Biden administration has requested an extra $80 billion for the IRS over the next decade to strengthen its enforcement and customer service capabilities. The Build Back Better Act, the administration’s planned spending package, is now stuck in Congress.


According to Treasury officials, less than 15,000 personnel were available to answer more than 240 million calls in the first half of last year – one person for every 16,000 calls.

As a result of the pandemic and child tax credit payments that were given out last year, this year’s taxes will be more complicated than they usually are. The amount of money received will have to be reported by taxpayers.

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The IRS encourages individuals to submit their returns electronically, claiming that refunds should arrive within 21 days of filing.

Because of the Emancipation Day holiday in Washington, Tax Day will be postponed for most taxpayers until April 18. State tax filing dates vary.

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