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There Were Over 600,000 People Who Did Not Receive the Third Stimulus Check | Latest Update!

Stimulus Check

Many consumers have yet to receive their third gas stimulus check, even though numerous states are working on it.

The Treasury Department disclosed on Thursday that over 600,000 Americans did not get their third stimulus check by last fall.  Many Still Waited For A Third Stimulus

In March 2021, Congress approved a third round of stimulus cheques for up to $1,400 apiece. By September 16, 2021, the IRS had paid approximately 167 million people or nearly 99.5%.

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However, according to the Treasury Department, 644,705 qualified recipients have failed to receive their third stimulus check. These checks total around $1.6 billion. Ineligible dependents missed out on the third federal coronavirus stimulus cheque.

In the report, the IRS adjusted the unemployment income exclusion from taxable income for persons who have an ITIN but did not receive payment for their qualifying dependents with a valid (social security number).

Another 294,000 issued stimulus checks haven’t been accessed or have been postponed. It’s unknown how many people have gotten paid since mid-September.

In addition, approximately 1.2 million checks worth $1.9 billion were likely issued to the wrong people. This includes ineligible dependents, non-US residents, and households that changed their tax-filing status.

Gas Stimulus Checks Proposals

Meanwhile, lawmakers are focusing on handing households gas stimulus cheques to assist offset rising gas prices. For example, the Gas Rebate Act of 2022 by Mike Thompson (D-CA), John Larson (D-CT), and Lauren Underwood (D-IL).

Taxpayers who live in places where the average price per gallon is over $4 would get a $100 monthly rebate, plus $100 for each dependent. Recipients would be taxpayers earning less than $75,000 per year and receiving a lesser payment. Assuming the idea is adopted, eligible Americans will get $4 every month until the end of the year.

The Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act is another comparable proposal from Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio. The idea proposes to tax oil firms’ windfall gains.

California’s Democratic state lawmakers have proposed a $400 per-taxpayer gas rebate. The goal is to give residents a $9 billion rebate from the state’s financial excess.

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