There Has Been an Increase in the Number of Instances of Covid-19 in China, and Crematoriums There Are Currently at Capacity.


Crematoriums across China are struggling to cope with an influx of bodies as authorities battle a wave of COVID-19 cases that are impossible to track.

As a result of the government’s sudden decision to ease years of lockdowns, quarantines, and mass testing, the number of cases across China has increased, causing hospitals to struggle and pharmacy shelves to be depleted.

Covid-19 Cases Rise Again in China

The United States has issued a warning that the outbreak is now a cause for concern for the rest of the world because of the size of China’s economy and the risk of more mutations.

Employees at crematoriums from the northeast to the southwest told AFP that they are struggling to keep up with the rising number of deaths.

A worker in Chongqing, a city of 30 million people, told AFP that the facility’s cremation had reached capacity. Those with mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 were urged by officials to report to work this week.

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More than 30 bodies are being cremated every day, according to an employee at a crematorium in the Zengcheng neighborhood of Guangzhou, a southern megacity. “We are creating about 40 individuals a day now, rather than only a dozen or so as opposed to past years,” one of the workers said.

They went on to claim that Guangzhou was in this shape, and it was unclear whether or not the spike in fatalities was due to COVID-19. A worker at a funeral home in the northern Chinese city of Shenyang said that, due to overcrowding, the remains of the deceased are sometimes not buried for as long as five days.

There were a total of five COVID-19-related deaths reported to Beijing’s municipal officials on Tuesday, up from two the day before. Reporters from AFP saw over a dozen vehicles lined up outside the city’s Dongjiao Crematorium, the vast majority of which were hearses or burial carriages.

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One first-in-line driver told AFP that he had been waiting for several hours. There was initial confusion as to whether or not an increase in COVID-19 fatalities was the cause of the backlog, as staff at the crematorium reluctant to say.

Last week, officials acknowledged that it is hard to determine how many people have fallen ill in China as a result of the rise of COVID-19 because testing is no longer necessary.

Public Health Services Are Overwhelmed

The facilities have complained of being overwhelmed by the influx of dead, which the authorities have reportedly admitted can be difficult to locate.

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Healthcare facilities across China are struggling as a result of the government’s decision to cease mass testing and lockdowns over three years ago.

AFP reports that one of Chongqing’s crematoriums has run out of space for the dead despite the city’s population of 30 million.

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