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“The Tragic Romeo and Juliet Narrative” Is How Grandmother Describes the Florida Police Officer and Her Partner’s Deaths.


Another member of the family has agreed to take in the orphaned child of two Florida deputies who just killed themselves.

Sheriff Ken Mascara stated on Tuesday that Clayton Osteen and Victoria Pacheco, both deputies with the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, committed themselves in the first week of the new year. On New Year’s Eve, Osteen, 24, attempted to kill himself and was taken off life support two days later; he was 24 years old.

According to Mascara, Pacheco, 23, took her own life on January 4th, following the death of Osteen.

Kelly Ridle, a close friend of Osteen, said in a GoFundMe campaign that Jayce, the couple’s 1-month-old baby, will now be adopted by a “close family member.”

‘The families of Clayton and Victoria are so thankful for all of your kind thoughts and prayers,’ Ridle said. A brighter future for Jayce is the ultimate goal of every donation, so please know that your money is going to good use.

"The Tragic Romeo and Juliet Narrative" Is How Grandmother Describes the Florida Police Officer and Her Partner's Deaths.

It has been reported that Osteen and Pacheco’s bodies would be interred together on Jan. 8 at a Florida church, as per their online obituaries.

In her obituary, Pacheco was described as a “confident, strong-willed, and fearless young woman” by her family and friends. Those who knew her described her as a daredevil and a passionate artist.

A native of Florida, Osteen served on the SWAT team and was elected Deputy of the Year in 2020, according to his obituary. His military career also includes time spent as a Marine Corps non-commissioned officer and as a member of the regular army. Friends and family recalled him for his sense of humor and trustworthiness.

For Ridle and her husband, Osteen was like “another son” because of their tight relationship with their children, she wrote on Facebook.

In part, Ridle said in her essay that “this last week has been one of the worst of my life.” As the ball was about to drop on New Year’s Eve, “the unexpected, incomprehensible events that led to the worst phone call one can receive impacted the direction of so many lives.”

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“In particular, we felt bad for Jayce, who would never get to meet the kind, funny, and kind man who was his father. Alternatively, think at how devoted Clayton was to both Jayce and his mother: “She went on. “What may have been worse happened. A few days later, Bob called to tell me that Clayton’s wonderful mommy Victoria, Jayce’s mom, had also gone to be with Clayton.”

As part of his “village,” Ridle urged others to support Jayce, saying that he and his wife spent their “shortened careers” helping their community and country.

“The ache is unbearable. There is no justification for parents having to bury their children “She penned. “For help, brothers and best friends should be contacted. Babies should be raised in a home filled with their parents’ affection.”

What I’ve seen in the last week has been more than I could have imagined among people who were left behind in this horrific situation: grace, kindness, compassion, answered prayers, and even what feels like a few miracles,” she concluded. “Jayce and I are inseparable,” he says.

GoFundMe and the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office have both been set up to help provide for Jayce Osteen in the future, with “Jayce Osteen” in the notes.

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