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The Republican Party of Pennsylvania to Trump: Take Notice of Me!


On Friday, a group of Republican gubernatorial candidates in Pennsylvania will travel to Greensburg with the hopes of receiving the final rose from former President Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that none of them were mentioned on the pre-rally speaker lineup, former Rep. Lou Barletta, state Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, and businessman David White are all expected to attend, according to their camps. Sen. Doug Mastriano of California was apparently invited but attempts to contact his staff was unsuccessful.

It’s an opportunity for the gubernatorial candidates to meet conservative people and celebrate their shared support for the MAGA movement. But it’s also the latest in a series of actions each has taken to gain Trump’s support – a process that has highlighted how important Trump’s support is, and how far contenders are prepared to go to get it.

Those seeking to become Pennsylvania’s next governor have been to Mar-a-Lago, recruited Trumpworld consultants, and claimed the banner of “America First” before attending the event.

“A Trump endorsement could net you a few points at the end of the day, and that might be all you need [in a crowded primary].” For a candidate coming down the line, a point or two may make all the difference,” said Brian Nutt, a Republican strategist in Pennsylvania.

The rally in western Pennsylvania tonight is intended to mobilize support for Trump’s Senate contender, celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz.

There has been anticipation that Trump will make a surprise endorsement on stage in the Republican governorship contest. But, according to a source close to Trump, that is unlikely to happen since it would overshadow his support for Oz, who is currently tied with former hedge fund CEO Dave McCormick in surveys.

Radio broadcaster John Fredericks agreed, saying he does not expect any shocks tonight.

“Look, it’s possible it’ll happen next week.” “But he’s not going to do this on the spur of the moment; it’s too enormous,” Fredericks remarked. “He’s not going to come up and endorse someone on the spur of the moment.” If they decide to do that, they’ll make a big deal out of it, but I don’t think it’ll happen tonight.”

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania to Trump: Take Notice of Me

There was nothing to disclose or share regarding a gubernatorial endorsement, according to a Trump official.

Trump has endorsed candidates in contests all around the country, and his choice of Oz has sparked debate among Trump supporters. But he has remained silent on the big Republican governorship primary field.

Some conservatives in the state believe Trump should act sooner rather than later, citing growing concerns that if frontrunner Mastriano wins, the GOP will lose a chance at the governorship.

Mastriano is best known for his work on efforts to overturn the 2020 election, and he recently participated in a Q-Anon gathering.

“Given the controversial nature of some of Doug Mastriano’s comments, it would make it more difficult for Republicans to pick up an open seat,” a Republican familiar with the contest said.

Recently, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is running unopposed in the Democratic gubernatorial race, released an ad that appeared to be intended at promoting Mastriano in the GOP primary, indicating that he sees him as the weakest possible Republican opponent.

“There’s a fear that his trip to Washington on January 6 would wreck his campaign,” Nutt added. “It doesn’t appear he done anything illegal, but a picture is worth a thousand words in politics and in life, and those photographs will be used against him.” We should be discussing gas prices, the cost of things, and unemployed people. It becomes a nuisance.”

More Updates:

While Trump has not backed in the governor campaign, he has made it obvious that he is not a fan of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill McSwain, whom he has referred to as a “coward” for failing to act on his phony election fraud allegations.

However, despite their eagerness to display ties to the former president, no clear favorite among the other Republicans running for governor has emerged. White, Barletta, and Corman were all spotted visiting Mar-a-Lago recently.

“A few prospects irritate him. I’m familiar with him. He recognizes me. I’m aware of his expectations. He wants to see you putting forth the effort. He’s looking to see if you’ve got a chance to win.

In an interview, Barletta said, “I don’t need to make my argument to him.” The former congressman recently attended a fundraiser at Trump’s club, where he claims Trump spoke lovely things about him and gave his wife a hat.

According to the most recent Franklin and Marshall College survey, Mastriano has the support of 20% of Republican voters, followed by McSwain with 12%, Barletta with 11%, and White with 8%. Despite this, a considerable number of Republican voters (34%) say they are uncertain.

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