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The President of Taiwan Has Called on Beijing to Put an End to Its “Military Adventure”


Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen called on China on Saturday to put an end to its “military adventures” in the region. Since the escalation of tensions between Beijing and Taipei, several years have passed.

Since Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016, Beijing has increased pressure on the democratic island, claiming that Taiwan is a sovereign country and not a part of China. In recent months, the Chinese Air Force has conducted a record number of sorties over Taiwan’s air defense zone, according to official figures.

The President of Taiwan Has Called on Beijing to Put an End to Its "Military Adventure"

As part of her New Year’s address, Tsai stated that the Chinese authorities “should refrain from encouraging military adventures among their ranks.” “Using military means to resolve differences between the two sides is not an option at all,” says the author.

“Rebellious District” is a euphemism for “disobedient neighborhood.”

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Beijing considers the island to be a rebellious province that must eventually be reunited with the continent, even if it means using force to accomplish this. “The complete reunification of our homeland is the common aspiration of the peoples of China and Taiwan,” Chinese President Xi Jinping stated in his New Year’s address.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry issued a warning in October that military tensions with China were on the rise. In forty years, they would not have progressed to this point.

The World Health Organization in Wuhan received a report from China two years ago this month about a “unknown lung disease.”

Exporting food to China has become more difficult as a result of new regulations.

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