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The Nfl World’s Reaction to Rob Gronkowski’s Embarrassing Misstep Tweet!


The 2022 NFL Draft is just ten days away, and there are likely to be some guys on whom the experts are completely wrong. However, a tweet from before the draught regarding future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski is going viral today.

On Monday, Freezing Cold Takes sent out a tweet commemorating the 12-year anniversary of Boston sportswriter Greg Bedard’s infamous hot take. Bedard questioned why people were so enamored with Gronkowski in 2010, saying he didn’t see it “at all.”

“Is it true that Arizona tight end Rob Gronkowski has a lot of fans?” I don’t think so. “Not in the least,” Bedard wrote.

Given that Gronkowski has gone on to become one of the most productive and accomplished tight ends in NFL history — and all while playing for Bedard’s Patriots – and it’s obvious that the take was a colossal F.

As a result, today’s NFL fans are giggling heartily at his expense:

Greg Bedard isn’t exactly laughing about his awful Rob Gronkowski tweet either. His most recent response to someone who brought up that old hot take with him was as follows:

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If there’s any consolation for Bedard in this situation, it’s the fact that he wasn’t the only one who doubted Rob Gronkowski’s ability to be an exceptional tight end.

He won’t be the last analyst to make a mistake while evaluating a player.

The NFL Draft is coming up in a few days. However, it will be months before we can adequately assess who was correct and who was incorrect.

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