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The Los Angeles City Council Has Approved a Fair Work Week Ordinance Aimed at Assisting Retail Workers


(KABC) On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council decided to make retail employers give workers their schedules 14 days in advance and give them 10 hours off between shifts.

Since Councilman Curren Price came up with the idea for the Los Angeles Fair Work Week Ordinance, three years have gone by. The goal is to make retail workers less unpredictable. Price said that the rule will affect 70,000 businesses in Los Angeles the week after that.

Price: “We need to figure out the different problems workers have and put their needs ahead of corporate profits.” This is the least we can do to show our appreciation for what they do.

A UCLA study mentioned in the law found that 80% of the 140,000 retail workers in Los Angeles have “unpredictable, last-minute, and variable work weeks,” and 75% of them get less than a week’s notice.

Heidi Lopez works at a grocery store, and she says that every week her schedule is different. “I’m not sure what my morning or evening plans are. I’ll leave at 12 a.m. and come back at 6 a.m.”

The law only applies to retail businesses with 300 or more employees around the world. Paul Koretz said that the LA City Council’s vote to pass the law was “one of the best moments” Koretz added, “It makes a lot of things possible without hurting employers.”

The Los Angeles City Council Has Approved a Fair Work Week Ordinance Aimed at Assisting Retail Workers

Employers also have to give new workers a “good faith estimate” of when they will be working. If a new shift starts less than 10 hours after the last one, the company has to pay 1.5 times as much.

The council made 11 new jobs to help put the law into effect and make sure it is followed. Monica Rodriguez says that the law shows that the labour movement is strong. Rodriguez said that the new law will help more poor families get out of that situation. Price’s motion says that other big cities have used similar policies.

More News: Certain people will get monthly payments of $600-$1,200 from California’s Guaranteed Income Programs.

Steve McCarthy, vice president of public policy and regulatory relations for the California Retailers Association, asked for a delay until September 2023 so that businesses could change their rules, install new software, and train management. McCarthy also asked for an administrative process to be done before a lawsuit.

The organisation said that retailers and other businesses have to deal with COVID requirements, problems with the supply chain, and a lack of staff. Even after the pandemic is over, many of these problems will still be there, so this regulation adds a lot of extra work to do in an already hard time.

The Los Angeles City Council Has Approved a Fair Work Week Ordinance Aimed at Assisting Retail Workers

Employees who can’t work because of other laws won’t have to find coverage. Before hiring new workers, employers must offer more hours to the ones they already have. Employers who don’t follow the law could be fined $500 per worker.

Rob Nothoff, who is in charge of policy at the LA Federation of Labor, said that the ordinance had been “thoroughly analyzed.” Nothoff told the committee, “There aren’t enough good jobs in Los Angeles.” “People who work at the front lines of retail want better pay, benefits, and working conditions.” “This policy sets off alarm bells.”

Katie Duberg, who is in charge of policy organising for the California Work & Family Coalition, says that the lack of workplace protections has made the region’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic take longer than it should have. “Parents and those taking care of a seriously ill family member must know their schedule ahead of time.”

The director of the LA Alliance for a New Economy’s Grocery & Retail campaign, Amardeep Gill, said that the group’s goal was a “retail economy that gives working families stable jobs and incomes.” Gill said that retail workers will be able to make budgets, take care of their families, and work and go to school at the same time.

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