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The G-20 Will Be Tough on Russia and Call for an End to the Ukraine War


Biden and Zelenskyy told the group that they should put pressure on Moscow to stop its nine-month war in Ukraine, which has hurt the country and messed up the world economy.

The leaders of the G20 are working on a draught statement that echoes the UN’s criticism of Russia’s war in Ukraine while still allowing for different points of view.

The careful wording of the statement shows that there are tensions at the summit, where Russian and Chinese leaders are present, and that the U.S. and its allies are trying to isolate the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin while other countries want to avoid big-power rivalry.

As it is now, it would be a strong condemnation of the war that has killed hundreds, raised fears about global security, and hurt the world economy. This is especially true since China and India didn’t criticize Russia’s aggression in March.

The statement “strongly condemns Russian aggression” and “demands that Russia leave Ukraine immediately and without conditions.” The G-20 draught statement showed that different people had different ideas about the situation and the sanctions against Russia. It also said that the G-20 was not the right place to solve security problems.

COVID-19 affected the conference, and people started calling for a strong response to Russia. After coming up positive for COVID-19 in Bali, Hun Sen went home. No other leaders tested positive, but during an ASEAN meeting in Bali, many people met with the PM.

Biden didn’t go to a gala for Joko Widodo, and no one knows why. Biden said that he would join G-20 leaders on Wednesday to plant trees. According to the source, the president had a “full day,” but Biden’s absence had nothing to do with COVID-19.

The G-20 Will Be Tough on Russia and Call for an End to the Ukraine War

Sergey Lavrov, who was in charge of the Russian delegation when Putin wasn’t there, criticized the smear campaign by the Biden administration. Lavrov said, “Ukraine flatly refuses to talk and makes ridiculous demands.”

Zelenskyy agreed with Biden when he asked the G-20 to cut off diplomatic and economic ties with Russia. Countries that put sanctions on Russia had high inflation and weak economies.

As Europe gets ready for winter without natural gas from Russia, higher prices for energy and food have thrown off industrial activity around the world.

Widodo told what was going on. “If the war keeps going on, the world can’t move forward,” he said. Zelenskyy made a list of 10 things that had to happen for the February war to end.

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These things included a full Russian withdrawal and full Ukrainian control of the ground. A few days earlier, the Ukrainians took Kherson back from the Russians. This was the latest step in a counteroffensive that forced Moscow to pull back.

“Don’t hurt Ukraine’s independence, conscience, sovereignty, or territory,” he said. Ukraine has been a leader in keeping the peace. If Russia says it wants the war to end, it should do so.

Last summer, when there were food shortages around the world, Erdogan helped Ukraine send more grain to other countries. Biden had a short conversation with Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India.

Modi’s help is needed to keep Russian oil prices in check and stop Moscow from building more military bases. Modi called for a “cease-fire and discussion” in the Ukraine situation and brought up efforts to find a “path of peace” during World War II.

The G-20 Will Be Tough on Russia and Call for an End to the Ukraine War

Guterres and Lavrov talked about the Black Sea Grain Initiative on their own. The agreement that lets war-blocked ports export grain runs out on November 19.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. and its allies put restrictions on exports and imposed other sanctions. This made it hard for Russia’s military to get important technologies and restock drones, artillery, and other weapons.

China’s leaders haven’t criticized Russia’s war, but they also haven’t given them weapons. Biden said that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked about the war and “reaffirmed our common opinion” that nuclear weapons are “absolutely unacceptable.”

Xi warned the G-20 not to use the economy as a weapon. “Food and energy issues shouldn’t be turned into political issues,” he said. Macron and Xi both called for “territorial integrity and sovereignty” for Ukraine.

Macron said in a tweet that France and China will “stop the war in Ukraine from getting worse.” The first time Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni talked to each other. Sunak promises to keep supporting Ukraine. He and Biden will talk about Ukraine’s defenses on Wednesday.

Meloni promised to keep arming and helping Ukraine, but it’s not clear if her far-right coalition will stand up to Russia. She and Biden talked about China, the climate crisis, Russia’s invasion, and how to help Ukraine on Tuesday at the summit.

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