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The Final Fauci White House Press Conference is Chaotic, With a Yelling Reporter Drowning Out Questions


During Dr. Anthony Fauci’s last news conference on Tuesday, a reporter yelled over his colleagues to ask about where Covid-19 came from. Dr. Fauci, who was leaving his job as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, had just finished talking about the Covid-19 outbreak when reporters started shouting questions at him.

Ms. Jean-Pierre told them to stop and told them that she would call on each reporter individually to ask their questions. She also told them not to yell and waste Dr. Fauci’s time.

During the shouting, a reporter from the far-right Daily Caller, thought to be Diana Glebova, asked where the virus came from, but she was not called on. Simon Ateba, the main White House reporter for Today News Africa, argued with Ms. Jean-Pierre about why she didn’t call on Glebova.

“Let her ask her question,” says Ateba. She is asking Dr. Fauci about where Covid-19 came from. Ms. Jean-Pierre says “it’s not your turn.” He said that Ms. Jean-Pierre was picking favorites among the journalists. The best person to answer [Glebova’s] question about Covid-19 is Dr. Fauci.

“I hear the question,” Ms. Jean-Pierre said, “but we’re not doing it your way.” Another reporter wants to know how many people get vaccinated. Ms. Jean-Pierre has had fights with shouting reporters before. She told Angolan TV host Hariana Veras off at least twice for asking questions before other reporters.

She said that Jean-Pierre didn’t talk to African journalists. “We’ve always asked, Karine. Ms. Veras told Mediaite that Simon pushed her even when she asked him a question. “Don’t force questions. We too should ask. Don’t you like African reporters?

In the fight on Tuesday, Ateba was “Simon.”

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