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The Federal Government Is Providing Money to Pay the Costs of the Funeral of Covid-19


Death certificates must be accompanied by a signed statement from a medical examiner, coroner, or the certifying official listed on the certificate indicating that COVID-19 was the cause or a contributing cause of death for deaths that occurred in the early months of the pandemic — from Jan. 20 to May 16, 2020.

According to state-by-state data gathered by FEMA, the number of people who have been paid varies substantially from state to state, ranging from approximately 40% in North Carolina and Maryland to less than 15% in Idaho and Oregon.

While the compensation must be made directly to people, some funeral providers have taken on the responsibility of alerting bereaved families about the benefit.

Many families may be ignorant of the benefit, while others may choose not to seek the money out of a desire to avoid revisiting the grief of the loss.

Funeral services, cremation, and interment are all covered under the FEMA program, as are the costs of caskets or urns, burial plots or cremation niches, markers or headstones, transportation, or transfer of remains, clergy or officiant services, and the use of funeral home equipment or employees.

The program is supported by government stimulus monies, which are still available. There are no online applications accepted.

According to FEMA, determining eligibility normally takes less than 30 days once all relevant paperwork is received and validated. Applicants who choose direct deposit may get their funds in a couple of days once their eligibility has been confirmed. Applicants who want a check may have to wait longer.

Compensation is one approach to assist communities throughout the country cope with the emotional and financial toll that the pandemic has wrought.

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