Mounting Frustration Amongst Morocco Quake Survivors as Aid Delays Continue

After spending their fourth night outside, several earthquake survivors in Morocco were struggling in temporary shelters on Tuesday, and the people in the ravaged mountain areas expressed their dissatisfaction at the lack of assistance they had gotten from the authorities. 2,862 people were killed and 2,562 injured in the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred late…

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Xi Jinping Signals Departure from the Established World Order

The G20 meeting, the year’s most important diplomatic gathering, brought together the most influential world leaders in New Delhi, but Chinese President Xi Jinping decided it was not worth his time. His absence conveys a clear message: China is done with the current global order. Xi is willing to maintain some well-known organizations that he…

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ATACMS Missile Threatens Russian Hold on Crimea, Says Ex-U.S. General

According to former U.S. General Ben Hodges, the potential deployment of long-range Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) to Ukraine might completely alter Kyiv’s plans for retaking Crimea. An unnamed U.S. official was quoted by ABC News as indicating that the weapons were on their way. Another person stated that although a final decision had not…

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UN Worries Over Nuclear Safety as Ukraine Plant Faces Increased Threats

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe is located near an area of increased fighting, and the United Nations nuclear watchdog warned of a potential threat to nuclear safety on Saturday as Ukrainian forces pressed their counteroffensive. The International Atomic Energy Agency claimed that its experts stationed at the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia, seized…

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Russian Military Leader Admits Ukraine Operation as Prelude to European Invasion

An important Russian general who last week received promotion from Russian President Vladimir Putin sees the invasion of Ukraine as merely a “stepping stone” to escalating tensions with Europe. In February 2022, Putin began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which led many observers to worry that the Kremlin might have more ambitious goals than simply…

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Devastating Earthquake in Morocco Claims Over 800 Lives and Wrecks Marrakech’s Historic Landmarks

More than 800 people were killed and several buildings were damaged by a rare, violent earthquake that slammed Morocco late on Friday night. The damage ranged from communities in the Atlas Mountains to the ancient city of Marrakech. While rescuers battled to get to the most remote locations affected, it was anticipated that the death…

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