California Lawmakers Repeal Travel Ban on States with Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws

California may soon rescind its ban on state-funded travel to countries with anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and instead concentrate on an advertising campaign to spread anti-discrimination messaging in countries with conservative governments. Beginning with Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee in 2017, California began prohibiting government travel to states with laws it deemed discriminatory against LGBTQ+ individuals….

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California EBT Fraud Costs Millions of Dollars, Low-Income Residents and Taxpayers Affected

EBT theft is a growing financial crime in California that harms both taxpayers and low-income families. Electronic Benefits Transfer is referred to as EBT. Low-income Californians participating in CalFresh and/or CalWORKs receive their monthly stipend in this manner. According to data received by ABC10 on Tuesday from the California Department of Social Services, fraudsters are…

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California Republicans and Business Owners Rally Against ‘Pro-Criminal Policies’

In a rousing protest at the state Capitol, a coalition of California Republican lawmakers, business owners, crime victim advocates, and law enforcement officials demanded a stop to policies that, in their opinion, are eroding public safety in communities all throughout the state. The protest, which was conducted the day before the Appropriations Committee’s “suspense hearing,”…

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