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Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Has Been Postponed for a Week in Order to Avoid Interviewing Jason Bateman — and Because He Has Covid!


When Stephen Colbert’s show was postponed due to a COVID-19 test result, he turned to comedy to find some humor in the situation: At the very least, he avoids having to talk to Jason Bateman, his friend, and arch-nemesis.

After the show’s Twitter account revealed that Thursday’s episode would be canceled and the show would not return with a new one until May 2, the Late Show host confirmed that he would have to miss a few episodes.

“Yep! Even though I had a positive COVID test, I’m feeling well and happy for the vaccination and booster shot “Colbert’s response was posted on his Twitter account.

“Thank you for your kind words of support. Just goes to show that I will do whatever it takes to avoid having to speak with Jason Bateman.”

When Colbert accused Bateman of being “a touch nasty as a guest” on Bateman’s podcast with Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, Bateman said he s—-ed himself in his dressing room before walking out to meet with the host.

Colbert and Bateman have a long history of yanking one other’s chains.

Bateman tried to clear the air by explaining why he could have come across as “less than talkative” during the interview.

Because there was no restroom in his dressing room, Bateman explained: “If I could just let this one bubble out, everything would really work out for me.” “In order to do so, I open the valve a little. More than just air is released.”

Bateman went on to tell how he tried to hide the evidence by donning a too-tight suit, getting his makeup done, and being charming in front of a live audience as well as his home viewers.

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“Suit is still too small. Currently, I am a commando. I’m having a hard time coping with my current state of mind.

I can’t remember any of the comedic responses I prepared with the segment producer during the pre-interview “According to Bateman, “After putting on my foundation and powder, I head out the door. And then I sit down, and that’s why I was so quiet during the interview.”

Colbert and Bateman might be better off staying away from this one, in order to avoid a repeat of the past.

In lieu of their face-to-face meeting tonight, here’s a look back at that “hostile” interview from 2018.

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