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Speech by Kyle Rittenhouse, Who Works for Turning Point Usa, Sends a Bad Message | Latest News


Kyle Rittenhouse is now being praised as an American hero among right-wing circles, as the Republican Party continues to worship people who make headlines. On Monday, he appeared at the hardline Turning Point USA AmericaFest conference, which brings together young conservatives and a bevy of controversial speakers including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., Candace Owens, and Tucker Carlson. This is perilous, strange, and alarming.

It’s no secret that Rittenhouse’s trial sparked national debate. His acquittal on homicide charges caused even greater division, notably among right-wing groups, who welcomed the ruling almost immediately and even offered him internships in legislative offices, seizing political advantage from the event. Rittenhouse became an instant superstar within the right-wing fringe of the party, with numerous GOP leaders strangely fighting for his attention.

The Republican Party, which has recently been treating politics like a reality show, has a habit of giving problematic people a platform.

It’s one thing to disagree with the judgment; it’s quite another to laud someone who killed two people and wounded another (despite being acquitted). “There are a lot of individuals who want to hear what he has to say and there’s a huge amount of curiosity,” Turning Point USA spokesperson Andrew Kolvet told AZ Central. “You know, he didn’t ask for it, but he became this cultural figure, a self-defense touchpoint,” he continued. He found himself in that situation, and he had a narrative to tell.”

However, the Republican Party, which has recently been treating politics like a reality show, has a history of providing problematic people a forum.

Consider how previous Turning Point USA and Conservative Political Action Conference-style gatherings have bred the next generation of Fox News and Newsmax commentators. For example, Tomi Lahren and Owens, who became instant right-wing celebrities for their anti-liberalism “hot takes” and viral rants, got their start at these conferences only a few years ago. Turning Point USA makes it their objective to develop young, vocal right-wingers into media celebrities.

Rittenhouse’s invitation to the pro-Trump gathering, on the other hand, goes a step farther. Exalting him in this political context fuels the fires of vigilantism. It’s not difficult to believe that the Rittenhouse celebration sends a message to some in the GOP’s base that the violent Jan. 6 insurgency was OK. After all, Rittenhouse claimed self-defense the night he shot three people, killing two, and the attack on the Capitol as a result of former President Donald Trump’s “great lie” that the election was rigged, prompting his fans to rush to his defence and “protect” America.

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The concept that people like Rittenhouse are outsiders attracts the Republican Party, which embraces them with open arms and provides them with a platform in the absence of their own to push the party’s populist agenda. Outspoken and politically incorrect people who aren’t traditional or seasoned politicians are appealing to many Republican supporters.

Take a look at the current situation of Congress, with all of the Republican showboating and name-calling. Members like Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Greene are raising money with their honest aggression and incendiary speech, giving them celebrity status inside the party.

The Turning Point USA conference reveals who will be paraded about in the midterm elections in 2022 and beyond. The GOP platform’s anger engine will be fueled by the talking points presented at this convention. As someone who used to participate in similar circles in the early days of these conferences, I know what occurs at these events: Speakers bring audiences and media attention, and these events are used to turn out the base and as a rallying cry for those searching for red meat topics without any substance.

That’s why Rittenhouse was provided a speaking slot in the first place: to entice people to come and make headlines, and that’s exactly what occurred. Moreover, this isn’t the last we’ll hear from him. Until he’s no longer relevant to the GOP’s agenda, he’ll most likely be used on the campaign trail or for political advantage.

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