South Korean Actress and Model Kim Mi-soo Passes Away at Age 29


Kim Mi-soo, a 29-year-old South Korean actress who acted in the Disney+ series “Snowdrop” and Netflix’s “Hellbound,” has died.
The death of the aspiring TV personality and model was revealed Wednesday by her agency, Landscape Entertainment.

“We have really painful and tragic news to deliver.” “On January 5, actor Kim Mi-soo unexpectedly left us,” the message adds.

The agency has asked people to stop spreading rumours and speculative reports. There was no mention of a cause of death.
Disney wishes to replicate Netflix’s Asian success.

“The bereaved is currently devastated by this unexpected and heartbreaking news.”

We respectfully request that you refrain from spreading rumours or speculative stories so that the stunned and bereaved family can honour the late actor with reverence.”

Snowdrop' actress Kim Mi-soo's father addresses rumours about the cause of  her untimely death | PINKVILLA

According to the family’s wishes, the funeral will be held in private.

“We hope you would pray for the late actor’s soul to rest in peace, and we express our heartfelt condolences for the late Kim’s final voyage.”

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Kim’s death comes just weeks after the release of “Snowdrop,” a political drama set during South Korea’s 1987 democratic struggle, on Disney+.

Kim, whose name is alternatively spelt as Kim Misu, played student activist Yeo Jungmin in the show.

Kim portrayed Deacon Young-In, a member of the cult-like New Truth Society, in Netflix’s apocalyptic series “Hellbound.”

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