Son of Colombian President Gustavo Petro Detained in Money Laundering Investigation


Nicolas Petro, the son of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, was detained as part of an investigation into money laundering and illicit enrichment, the office of the attorney general announced early on Saturday. The younger Petro, a politician in the province of Atlantico, embraced the investigation when it began in March and has previously denied taking money from drug traffickers in exchange for including them in his father’s efforts to end civil conflict.

The Colombian media aired footage of the two being escorted to a government aircraft by armored vehicles and motorcycles. Petro stated on X, formerly known as Twitter, that it was agonizing for one of his children to be imprisoned, but that the attorney general’s office had all assurances that it would follow the law.

The prosecutor of Colombia said in a separate statement that it will intervene in the upcoming hearings of Petro’s son and his ex-wife to ensure that the legal system, as well as the rights and guarantees of all parties, are respected.

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President’s Pledge to End Decades-Long Conflict 

Photo by: Coronades03 via wikimedia commons

To end Colombia’s 60-year internal conflict, which has claimed the lives of 450,000 people, the president has pledged to negotiate peace or surrender with rebels and criminal organizations. In his first year in office, his efforts have been met with varied results.

Revived negotiations with the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla group have resulted in an August ceasefire, whereas efforts to conduct discussions with the Clan del Golfo have failed due to ongoing violence. A proposed law to regulate crime group surrenders, which would provide participants with reduced sentences in exchange for information and restorative work, has received severe criticism, including from the attorney general.

The attorney general’s office will request that Petro and Vasquez be detained on the charges, according to the statement. In a statement, the attorney general’s office stated that charges will be filed for the aforementioned crimes, and measures to restrict liberty will be requested.

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Source: New York Post, Reuters

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