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Shooting and Killing of a Texas Mall Security Guard by an Unknown Suspect | Latest News!


The shooting of an off-duty deputy constable manning security at a shopping mall in Texas was carried out by a man who had acquired hold of the officer’s own gun, according to police reports. The suspect was shot by police and died as a result of his injuries at the hospital.

Deputy Neil Adams was shot and killed Thursday afternoon at the PlazAmericas Mall in southwest Houston by a man in his 30s, according to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner. Adams was working a second job at the mall at the time of the shooting.

The circumstances surrounding the altercation are still being investigated by authorities. Finner stated that the man fled to the mall’s food court, where he was shot by two Houston police officers, according to Finner. The man, whose identity has not been published, died later Thursday at a hospital in Houston, according to authorities.

Adams had previously worked as a deputy constable in the neighbouring county of San Jacinto, which is located north of Houston.

Killing of a Texas Mall Security Guard

Officer Adams joined the San Jacinto County Police Department in 2012, according to Constable Roy Rogers of Precinct 1. Adams previously worked for the sheriff’s department, according to Rogers. Rogers stated that Adams served as the county’s environmental officer.

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“One of our heroes has passed away. “He was a decent human being,” Rogers remarked. “He worked extremely hard to provide for his family and to care for the people that lived in our county. “

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