Seven Women in Texas Are on Death Row


In Texas, seven women are currently on death row. Three of them have been there for over a decade. They still have appeals pending, but their options are dwindling one by one.

In Texas, there is no mention of gender in the laws governing capital punishment. Only murder is a capital offence, and only in certain circumstances: the murder of a peace officer, murder during a felony such as rape or robbery, murder for profit, murder during a prison escape, and murder of more than one victim.

Because few women commit these types of crimes, few women are frequently sentenced to death.

A lover’s quarrel that results in murder, which is far more common when women kill, does not constitute a capital offence.

Only a few murder crimes are capital offences, and those are murders committed during a felony, such as rape or robbery, murders for hire or profit, murders committed during prison escapes, and murders of more than one person.

Because there aren’t many women committing crimes like these, there aren’t many women on death row.

Nonetheless, women do end up on death row.

However, only two women have been executed in Texas since 1863: Betty Lou Beets in 1985 and Karla Faye Tucker in 1998, both by lethal injection.

Regardless of how the law reads, the act of executing a woman offends some deep values we’ve held in Texas since 1863.

The reluctance we feel is the most visible sign that civilization is all about protecting women, that hurting a woman is worse than hurting a man.

Today, the death penalty is governed by a new set of rules. The death penalty was declared unconstitutional in 1972, and it was reinstated with strict restrictions in 1976.

The following is a list of the women currently on death row in Texas.

Erica Yvonne Sheppard Was Born in 1995

On April 25, 1995, Erica Yvonne Sheppard was condemned to death after being convicted guilty of murder and robbery. She found peace in the Lord while imprisoned and mourned being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She was an abused lady who was pregnant by an unknown man. Her life was transformed after a visit from Reverend Jesse Jackson, who pleaded for her life and assisted her in finding a new legal team. Erica Sheppard wished for a life that did not end in death.

To support their case, Sheppard’s defence team presented expert opinion evidence. Dr

Ray, a psychologist, testified that Sheppard has below-average intelligence and symptoms of organic brain dysfunction. She is depressed, has PTSD, and has dissociative disorders.

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Her mental health was harmed as a result of her abusive childhood. She has poor intellectual functioning, making her vulnerable to manipulation. A man plied her with alcohol and slept with her when she was 13 years old.

This was considered statutory rape in Texas. Her mother, on the other hand, beat her “half to death,” believing that the pregnancy would end spontaneously.

She'll Die Soon": The Six Women On Death Row In Texas

Erica was also pregnant with Bryant’s child following his alleged abortion attempt, but she was denied a protective order. Three months after the first attempt, she became pregnant again.

Darlie Routier Was Born in 1997

Darlie Routier is on death row in Texas after being convicted of murdering her two children. Darlie was portrayed by the prosecution as an economic, materialistic mother who murdered her children in order to maintain her opulent lifestyle and personal economy.

Darlie is currently on death row in Dallas, awaiting the fatal injection.

Police have recovered various pieces of evidence from the site, including Darlie Routier’s fingerprints. A black vehicle has also been described by a witness in an alley behind the Routier residence, which intersects with Eagle Drive.

Although the sightings have not been verified by the police, neighbours notified the authorities after discovering a blood-stained sock in this alleyway.

Despite the fact that many people believed Routier was responsible for her two kids’ murders, the case has gradually been thrown into doubt. Both the prosecution and defence counsel questioned the Routier family’s version of events during the trial.

The Routier family feels Darlie was unfairly convicted of the murders despite the fact that police surveillance video of the boys’ gravesite was never provided to the jury.

Routier’s family also sought the assistance of Texas businessman Brian Pardo, who had previously represented another Death Row convict.

Brittany Holberg Was Born in 1998

Brittany Holberg, then 23, was convicted of murder after brutally murdering 80-year-old Robert Holberg. Her actions could have been influenced by a trauma she experienced as a child. She stabbed Mr Holberg 58 times and shoved a lamp over five inches down his throat.

Despite the defence counsel’s claim that Holberg was acting in self-defence, the jury found her guilty. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upheld her conviction.

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Linda Carty Was Born in 2002

Prosecutors claim Carty was involved in the kidnapping of Rodriguez and her son by three masked men. She was discovered dead in a car trunk. Her 3-day-old son was rescued from a nearby parked car. Although three other men were apprehended, only Carty was charged with capital murder.

Carty’s defence team argued during the trial that she was wrongfully convicted of murder and had been set up by her two co-defendants. Despite Carty’s claim of innocence during her murder trial, the prosecution called witnesses to support its case. They also presented evidence that she committed crimes unrelated to the murder investigation.

Carty was also charged with a drug-related crime while in prison. She was convicted of impersonating an FBI agent and auto theft in 1992. Her insider information resulted in the arrest of two suspected drug dealers and the seizure of narcotics worth thousands of dollars. She claims, however, that her wrongful conviction was the result of poor legal representation.

Melissa Lucio Was Born in 2008

Melissa Lucio, who pleaded guilty to capital murder, has been the subject of several appeals and a clemency petition before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Despite the lack of physical proof, her lawyers contend Lucio made fraudulent confessions. Many activists and celebrities have reportedly come out in support of Lucio.

A number of jurors would not have convicted her if there had been additional medical evidence. According to some, her conviction was based on erroneous testimony, notwithstanding the lack of a new medical assessment.

Lucio’s family has been one of her staunchest supporters since the beginning. The family was getting ready to move into a new apartment. Lucio had spent the morning packing and watching Mariah. Mariah fell down the stairs while exiting their second-floor apartment while Lucio was working.

Lucio went outside to check on her daughter and found her dead. Lucio was unable to revive Mariah, and the family’s surviving daughters were not awake, according to police.

Her conviction was based on her statement, which was obtained after a five-hour interrogation. Lucio’s lawyers contended that she was wrongfully convicted and that she was denied the right to a full defence.

Her attorneys also claimed that the trial judge denied her the right to expert testimony regarding her lifelong history of abuse.

Kimberly Cargill Was Born in 2012

Kimberly Cargill was convicted of the murder of Cherry Walker, her children’s babysitter who was scheduled to testify in her child custody lawsuit.

Several members of Cargill’s family testified against him. Cargill’s four boys testified that he choked, kicked, and hit them on a regular basis and that he changed the locks on their bedroom doors to keep them locked in.

Each of her ex-husbands testified against her, with one claiming that Cargill set fire to his apartment. Cargill sought a writ of certiorari in 2017, but it was denied.

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Taylor Rene Parker Was Born in 2022

Taylor Rene Parker, 29, is on death row for killing a woman and her unborn child after repeatedly stabbing and breaking another woman’s skull with a hammer. She was found guilty of capital murder by a jury and condemned to death.

Parker faked her own pregnancy in the months preceding the murder to keep her partner from leaving her. During her pregnancy, she disguised herself as a pregnant woman, faked ultrasounds, talked about her pregnancy online, and even planned a party to disclose the gender of the phoney kid.

Defence attorney Jeff Harrelson stated that they would demonstrate Parker’s mental illness in order to persuade the jurors to save his life.

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