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Rep. Jim Jordan, a Close Friend of Donald Trump, Refused to Be Interviewed by a Panel on January 6th.


An interview invitation from a House subcommittee probing the Jan. 6 Capitol revolt was denied by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on Sunday.

Republican Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi) has been a vocal critic of the Democrats’ “nonstop investigations” and “partisan witch hunts” in recent months.

In his words: “This proposal is well beyond the scope of any reasonable investigation, breaches key constitutional principles and will contribute to further weaken legislative standards.”

Earlier this month, Thompson sent a letter to Jordan requesting that he give information on Trump’s plans to dispute the outcome of the 2020 election and his communications with Trump on January 6.

Rep. Jim Jordan, a Close Friend of Donald Trump, Refused to Be Interviewed by a Panel on January 6th.

On January 6th, “we are aware that you had at least one and maybe numerous interactions with President Trump,” the letter said. “We’d want to sit down with you and go through each and every one of your communications.”

Jordan reiterated in his statement on Sunday: “I have no relevant information that would help the Select Committee in pursuing any legitimate legislative goal.”

He said that Democrats were using the committee as “a partisan cudgel against their political rivals. “

Supporters of Donald Trump’s phoney accusations about voting fraud have Jordan as a fervent supporter. During a hearing in October on a move to punish former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon in contempt, a congressman made those claims.

On the day of the assault, Jordan acknowledged before the committee that he had spoken to Trump.

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In answer to an inquiry from Rules Committee chairman Jim McGovern, Jordan said: “Of course, I spoke to the president” (D-Mass.). “I spoke to him that day. ‘ I’ve made it obvious. Not about me, although I can’t remember how many times. In my opinion, “I know exactly what you’re trying to do.”

To learn more about Jordan’s discussions with Trump and officials of his administration about “options for altering the results of the 2020 election” between November and December of 2020 and early January of 2021, the panel is gathering material.

Thompson’s letter said that the committee is also interested in any talks Jordan may have had during that period about the prospect of presidential pardons for those engaged in any component of the Capitol assault or the preparation for the two demonstrations that took place that day.

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