Police Say a Couple Ignored a Pregnant Woman’s Pleas for Help as She Was Being Beaten to Death


A 22-year-old pregnant woman was brutally beaten to death earlier this month, which shocked the town of Marietta, South Carolina. Now, authorities say that she might have been saved if one couple had not stood by and ignored her cries for help.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said that Michael Burnett, 43, and Melissa Burnett, 49, are related to the man who is thought to have killed Clarissa Winchester in early November by hitting her with a heavy object.

Local news sources said that Tyler Wilkins was Winchester’s boyfriend and the father of her child. Wilkins has already been arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping of the mother-to-death. be’s A probable cause affidavit that WMBF-TV got says that he beat her for two hours, leaving her with fatal head and neck injuries.

The sheriff’s office says that the Burnetts “were in the house at the time of the vicious attack,” but they “failed to act, call 911, or help in any other way” even though Winchester was screaming for help.

The sheriff’s office says that the pair were arrested over the weekend for misprision of a felony, but they have since been released on $20,000 bonds.

In an article, The State used a quote from a sheriff’s office spokesperson to say that the Burnetts were Wilkins’ uncle and aunt. Public records show that Michael Burnett lives in the house where police said they found “Winchester’s dead body and a dead fetus.”

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Winchester was seven months pregnant when she was killed by a blow to the head. Wilkins is also charged with being bad to a child because, according to police, she didn’t get medical help for the baby who had just been born.

The baby was a boy, and Winchester had already given him the name Grayson, according to a GoFundMe page set up by the family.

The sheriff’s office said earlier this month that Wilkins is also being looked for in connection with the disappearance of 19-year-old Jorden Nebling, who was last seen in October 2020.

Investigator Blake Wolfe from the Sheriff’s Office says that the last time he saw Nebling, she was being picked up by an ex-boyfriend. Liebling’s stepmother, Mary Tucker, told Fox News that the ex-name boyfriend is Wilkins.

She said, “In my heart, I think he did something to her.” Wilkins has not been charged with anything about Nebling’s disappearance.

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