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People in 11 States Might Receive Up to $850 in Stimulus Checks!


The federal government pumped trillions of dollars into the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the form of stimulus payments to people and businesses. For many families, such payments were lifesavers, allowing them to acquire necessities during difficult economic times.

The government stimulus has subsequently run out, particularly with budget-balancing provisions like the Child Tax Credit no longer available (at least for now). Families, on the other hand, continue to struggle as a result of record-high inflation and stagnating low incomes.

Several state governments have stepped up to the plate and pledged stimulus monies to people in response to the ongoing need that many Americans are experiencing. Though not all of the ideas have been finalized, here are the 11 states that will receive stimulus cheques or tax relief in 2022.


California residents may be able to avoid soaring gas prices this summer because of a two-year budget surplus. Governor Gavin Newsom proposed giving $400 debit cards to car owners, one debit card per car with a maximum of two cards per family. Cards could be available as soon as July.


Georgia taxpayers who filed their taxes in 2020 and 2021 are entitled to reimbursement from the state’s tax surplus, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Governor Brian Kemp recently approved payouts based on tax filing status: $250 for solo filers or married couples filing separately, $375 for heads of household, and $500 for married couples filing jointly.

The amount received may be reduced if money is owed to the state in the form of taxes or delinquent child support payments, for example. If residents filed before Gov. Kemp signed the bill into law, the sum would be added to their tax refund or paid separately.


Residents of Hawaii who earn less than $100,000 should expect a $300 payout. Those who earn over $100,000 will receive a $100 bonus. Governor David Ige suggested $100 for all state citizens in January, but state legislators upped the sum in the spring.

Earners and their dependents are eligible for the benefits, which means a family of four earning less than $100,00 might get up to $1,200.

People in 11 States Might Receive Up to $850 in Stimulus Checks


Governor Brad Little signed a law in January that would give Idahoans a refund of 12 percent of their state tax for 2020, or $75, whichever is larger. Earners and their dependents are eligible for the rebates.

Payments began in March, and individuals who receive their tax refunds through direct deposit will be the first to receive their refunds.


Governor J.B. Pritzker recently signed a landmark state budget that includes $100 rebates for adults and $50 rebates for dependents, to be distributed this fall. They’re also advocating for a grocery tax moratorium, $300 in property tax relief, and a 10-day school supply sales tax freeze.


Due to a budget excess, Indian residents who submitted their 2020 taxes before January 2022 can expect a one-time payment of $125 or $250 for married couples who filed jointly in the summer. Payments started in May and will continue all summer.


Governor Janet Mills signed legislation granting full-time Mainers earning less than $100,000 a one-time relief payment of $850, $150,00 for heads of household, or $200,00 for married couples filing jointly. Even if they owe the state money, residents who file their 2021 taxes by October 31 are eligible.

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New Jersey (NJ)

Governor Phil Murphy approved $500 one-time payments for families last year. Recently, the government announced that workers who filed taxes using a tax identification number rather than a social security number would be entitled to a rebate, which would include non-citizens, their spouses, and dependents.

New Mexico (NM)

Residents of New Mexico might expect many refunds this year. Single filers earning less than $75,000 and married couples earning less than $150,000 who paid taxes in 2021 will receive $250 or $500 in July, respectively.

Additional payments of $500 and $1000 will be made in two installments in June and August for single and married filers, respectively.

New York

Despite the fact that New Yorkers do not have any tangible cash to look forward to, Governor Kathy Hochul adopted budget relief plans that include up to $970 in property tax relief and the suspension of the $0.16 gas tax until the end of the year to assist reduce the economic stress suffered by many this year. Those earning less than $250,000 per year are eligible for the property tax credit.


Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has proposed abolishing the state’s 2.5 percent food tax and postponing the 26.2 cents per gallon gas tax for a year. The two proposals proposing these reductions are presently being debated on the statehouse floor, however, opponents have virtually halted the gas tax relief plan.

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