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One Person Was Detained and Three Others Were Sought in Connection With a ‘cold-blooded Execution’ in Yeadon


In connection with a double killing in Delaware County over the weekend, police have detained one person and are seeking at least three more.

The killings were described as a “cold-blooded execution” by investigators. Just before midnight Saturday, at least 60 rounds were fired in a municipal lot near Guenther Avenue and Church Lane in Yeadon.

Nazir Anderson, 19, of Philadelphia, has been charged with first-degree murder.

According to witnesses, there was a party at an event space around the block, and the fighting spilled out onto the streets.
“From the window, you could see 50 or so people rushing,” Clifford Brock, who lives nearby, remembered.

There is a police substation on the municipal lot, according to authorities, where the incident occurred. According to investigators, this did not dissuade the gunmen.

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“They did not just fire 60 rounds, killing these two helpless persons. They did, however, shoot into their prone bodies. In the parking lot, they stood over them and fired into their prone bodies “Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer stated.
According to police, the victims were a man and a woman, a couple, aged 20 and 21. According to investigators, the gun found on Anderson was related to the rounds collected on the scene.

Yeadon shooting: 1 arrested, 3 sought in connection with 'cold-blooded  execution' in Delaware County - 6abc Philadelphia

“He was hiding in one of the parked vehicles, and we’ve linked his pistol and him to the deaths,” Stollsteimer explained.
Investigators are hunting for at least three additional shooters and are hoping to find them using security video from the parking lot.

“Many of these individuals, like the victims and the shooter, in this case, are in their early twenties. They are harming their life and the lives of others. They’re harming the communities in which they dwell, and it has to end “Stollsteimer stated.

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The killings have shaken the neighborhood, with residents claiming they’ve always considered Yeadon as a safe place to live.
“I never expected things to spill over here like that,” Carol McGaw remarked. “Especially out here, since it’s one of the quietest places I’ve ever lived.”

“We are not impervious to it. We are aware that it is occurring across, yet it still hits home and hits hard “Brock stated.
Police are still investigating why this shooting occurred.

They have not provided a motive, but they have stated that the victims were unarmed and innocent.

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