Oklahoma Triple Homicide: Suspect Charged With Execution-style Killings at Marijuana Farm


On Friday, Oklahoma prosecutors formally charged a man with four charges of first-degree murder, roughly two weeks after he allegedly killed four marijuana farm workers and fled the state.

Chen Wu, 45, was detained in Florida on November 22 after his vehicle was reported by a car tag reader.

In court records, prosecutors stated that Wu traveled to the marijuana farm, located about 55 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, and demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars that he had spent in the company.

“Eyewitnesses to the murders said that [Wu] requested $300,000 from other employees of the marijuana organization as a return of a portion of his investment in the enterprise,” Assistant District Attorney Austin Murrey wrote in court records.

“The fact that it couldn’t be handed over at the drop of a hat caused the mass massacre.”

Police arrest Wu Chen in quadruple homicide at Oklahoma marijuana farm

Four Chinese nationals were killed and a fifth was injured in the shooting.

Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana in 2018. According to KFOR, at least 75% of each operation must be owned by an Oklahoma resident, however, the application for a license at the farm where the quadruple homicide occurred was obtained fraudulently.

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