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OC identifies the suspect in a violent pursuit through Los Angeles!


The man who led the dangerous and crazy chase through the streets of Los Angeles and Orange counties on Wednesday night has been found.
In a new report from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Johnny Anchondo, 32, has been named as the suspect who led police on the chase that many people watched.
During the chase, Anchondo was seen crashing into sheriff’s cruisers, sideswiping cars, and stealing several cars in a desperate attempt to get away.
At one point, Anchondo was seen getting out of a stolen car and breaking into the home of a family to hide. After he stole the keys to their utility truck, the family and their pets were home and fought with him in the driveway. One of them even had a knife. Anchondo broke through their front gate and ran away once more.
In another exciting moment, a police car pushed Anchondo up against a gated driveway.
He didn’t give up at that point. Instead, he put the stolen car in reverse and kept crashing into the police car, making enough room for him to turn around and run away again.

On Wednesday, a man talked about how scary it was when a suspect broke into his family’s house in Whittier and stole their utility truck. The suspect was being chased through the streets of Los Angeles and Orange counties at the time.

The whole thing took about an hour and a half and ended when the stolen utility truck, which was at least Anchondo’s third vehicle during the chase, crashed at a gas station and was hit by a sheriff’s cruiser.

After being caught, a person being chased crashed into a police car. But the suspect crashed into the police car and was able to keep running away.

Under the truck, flames broke out, and eventually, deputies opened fire on the truck. They finally got Anchondo out of the house by breaking the windows and grabbing him.
The sheriff’s office said that deputies used force that wasn’t deadly to catch Anchondo.
According to court records, Anchondo has a long list of crimes he has done and has been convicted of several times in L.A. County for things like carjacking, reckless driving, and going for a joyride.
ABC7 found 18 cases with his name on them in Riverside County. Two of them are still going on and involve traffic violations.
Anchondo is being held because he broke his parole and is still being investigated.
According to court records, Johnny Anchondo, who is 32 years old, has been convicted of many crimes in L.A. County, including carjacking, reckless driving, and going for a joyride.

Eyewitness News asked the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for a comment, and this is what they said.
“As is our policy, we contacted the agency looking into the case before releasing the person’s commitment history. As their investigation is still going on, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has asked that no information about Johnny Anchondo be given at this time.”
At the end of the chase, Anchondo was also arrested for hitting another driver’s car.

In the San Gabriel Valley, police caught a man who led them on a dangerous chase during which he stole a van and a truck and hit several other cars.

Adrian Cruz told ABC7 that he and his family were in the car on the way home from work when he saw the crazy scene. Then he got out of the car because he said he didn’t want to get caught in any crossfire.
Cruz said, “It just sounded crazy, like a war zone. I got out of the car right away.” “I don’t want my son and my wife to see that, so as soon as I get out of the car, the cops start beating me up and throwing me in the back like I was the guy who stole the car.”
Cruz said that he was let go soon after.
Eyewitness News asked the sheriff’s office why he was being held, but we haven’t heard back yet.
Anchondo stole the cars of people who didn’t do anything wrong, so they have to find other ways to get to and from work.

John Reynolds said that just as he and his family were pulling into the parking lot of his home, he got a call with a shocking message: “I think someone stole your van.”

Since then, people in the community have stepped up to help the victims.


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