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Natalia Bryant, 19, Seeks Restraining Order Against Stalker


According to court records, Kobe Bryant’s daughter Natalia Bryant has asked a Los Angeles judge for a restraining order against a man she says is stalking her. On Monday, a 19-year-old USC student filed a civil harassment restraining order against Dwayne Cortez Toliver Kemp, 32, of Sun Valley, California.

Kemp allegedly started bothering her on social media in 2020, when she was 17 and he was 30. This is what the petition says.

Kemp, who was called an “online gun enthusiast” in the filing, started talking to her on social media as if they were dating or as if he wanted to start one. The report says that even though she had never met him, she was scared when he sent her kissing faces and hearts and threatened to meet her in person.

Kemp is accused of sending Bryant a direct message (DM) with a picture of her father, Kobe Bryant, and a message that said he hoped Bryant and he could have a child-like Kobe in July 2021.

“Thank him for giving birth to you; maybe we can give birth to him…” “Kobe,'” he wrote, the lawsuit says.

According to the filing, the harassment “got worse over time,” and he tried to find her at least twice on the campus of the University of Southern California, most recently on November 2. This made her fear for her safety.

The filing says that many people saw her behavior get worse, including USC faculty, the USC Department of Public Safety, and members of her sorority. When NBC News asked USC and the USC Department of Public Safety for a comment Tuesday morning, neither did they answer right away.

Natalia Bryant, 19, Seeks Restraining Order Against Stalker

According to the complaint, Kemp seems to like guns and has written online about his interest in them. In the filing, it says that shortly after trying to visit Bryant at USC on November 2, he posted pictures of a “Draco” and a “mini Draco” with the word “next,” which made it sound like he was going to buy these things next. Both of these guns are AK-47s.

Bryant’s lawyer said that the next day, Bryant posted on Instagram that he wanted to buy a “Glock Switch” right away. A “Glock Switch” is a device that makes a semi-automatic Glock Pistol work like a fully automatic gun, which is against federal law.

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According to the filing, he posted three videos on Instagram and Facebook on November 9 while trying to buy a gun. Around the same time, he tried to get in touch with Bryant at USC.

The filing says that Kemp has been arrested and/or convicted of misdemeanors at least four times, and one of them involved a gun. No one said anything about Kemp having a lawyer.

The filing says that USC campus police and the Los Angeles Police Department agreed with Bryant’s request for a restraining order and that Kemp’s actions have caused her “significant emotional distress.”

The restraining order request says that Kemp should stay at least 200 yards away from Bryant, her home, her place of work, her school, her car, her sorority house, and the USC campus. The next date for a hearing is December 14.

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