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Multiple Gunmen Arrested in Philadelphia Bar Attack That Injured 9


Authorities say multiple gunmen opened fire on a gathering gathered on a sidewalk outside a Philadelphia bar Saturday night, injuring nine people, two gravely.

The attackers fled the chaotic scene in Kensington in a vehicle and remained at large Sunday morning.

When asked if the gunmen posed a threat to the community during a news conference, Deputy Commissioner John Stanford highlighted the number of injured and shell shells littering the street outside Jack’s Famous Bar and said, “I think that’s a public safety threat.”

According to Stanford, the incident occurred around 10:45 p.m., when the neighborhood was packed with more people than average out enjoying an unexpectedly warm November night.

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He claimed that a number of people were socializing on the sidewalk outside the bar when multiple gunmen emerged from a black vehicle parked in the center of East Allegheny Avenue, near Kensington Avenue, and started a fire on the gathering without warning.

“At this moment, it just appears like these folks may have recognized someone they wanted to shoot at, exited the van, and just began firing,” Stanford said, adding that authorities do not yet know who was targeted or the purpose for the attack.

Philadelphia shooting leaves 9 injured outside bar, multiple gunmen sought  - ABC News

According to Stanford, the incident occurred despite a substantial police presence. Officers walking a beat heard the gunfire and rushed to help the injured men and women as the gunman escaped back to the dark truck.

He also mentioned that a narcotics task team was investigating a half-block away from where the incident occurred.

“We have some arrogant people in this city who don’t care. They don’t care how many police officers are present, and some don’t care how many people are present “Stanford stated.

He stated that authorities retrieved at least 40 pieces of ballistic evidence from the scene and wanted to go through security video from nearby businesses in the hopes of identifying the attackers.

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He stated that seven of the victims were in stable condition and two were in serious condition.

According to the most recent police department crime figures, killings and aggravated firearms assaults were down 5% in Philadelphia in the first ten months of this year compared to the same period in 2021. In 2021, Philadelphia broke its annual homicide record with 562 slayings.

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