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More Stimulus Payments May Still Be Achievable, According to the Latest Reports!


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a major stimulus package for the United States in recent years.

In March of 2021, President Joe Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan Act, which handed tens of thousands of dollars to the majority of individuals and families.

A cheque or deposit was made into their accounts last year. It was the latest in a series of Trump administration-approved payments that had been made earlier in the outbreak.

This year, however, the federal government has not granted any more support. Millions of Americans have signed an online petition calling for continued stimulus payments in 2022.

With inflation having such a severe effect on household budgets, it’s possible that the federal government will take action in the near future. Some states are also considering taking action to help the public where Washington D.C. legislators have fallen short of their responsibilities.

Are more stimulus payments possible if inflation increases?

Since the beginning of the year, inflation has been on the rise, reaching new highs every few months and leaving many consumers scrambling to stay afloat. Some legislators are already looking into ways to provide much-needed financial assistance in light of rising prices for essential goods.

Stimulus Payments

Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf has proposed to issue $2,000 cheques to Pennsylvanians, saying in a press release that “Pennsylvanians should not be forced to pick between paying for utilities, groceries, or child care, or gas and electricity.

We have the chance and resources to make certain kids don’t struggle and succeed.” Additional funds have been sought by a number of additional states and municipalities.

Despite the fact that states have begun investigating their possibilities, no federal lawmakers have yet proposed any legislation to provide monetary assistance to help people cope with the general trend of rising costs, but some Democrats on the federal level did propose a law dubbed The Gas Rebate Act of 2022.

This bill, if passed, would provide up to $100 per month in assistance to those struggling to make ends meet due to rising fuel costs.

More Updates:

It’s probable that federal lawmakers will expand their attempts to alleviate the burden of rising gas prices in the future, as many experts believe inflation will continue to rise.

But even though it isn’t obvious whether such legislation would be supported by both parties, the public pressure may force politicians to act.

Many states still have federal monies leftover from earlier COVID-19 relief acts, so if inflation continues to rise and federal relief does not materialize, additional states may step up and give direct payments.

To put it another way, even though another stimulus check is far from a certainty, holding out hope for another payment isn’t always misguided.

You should keep an eye on both your local and federal leaders for indicators that additional legislation may be forthcoming if you are in need of financial aid.

If prices continue to rise, contacting your legislators and making your concerns known could prompt action.

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