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More Problems for Apple in China as Protests Erupt at Foxconn


Apple warned two weeks ago that production delays could happen in China because of new COVID-19 rules. Now, the company is facing new problems as workers at its main manufacturing partner, Foxconn, are on strike.

Hundreds of workers at the world’s largest iPhone factory in central China fought with police, according to videos posted by Foxconn employees on Douyin and Kuaishou in recent days. Some videos showed security guards beating workers who had broken out of their dorms.

The tragedy was the result of a COVID outbreak at Apple’s Zhengzhou factory that had been going on for weeks. Foxconn tried to stop the virus from spreading by making workers stay on the production line until the holiday season was over.

People seem to be protesting because they didn’t get bonuses for working in a place where there was a pandemic and because they were afraid of sharing a dorm with people who might be sick.

TechCrunch checked on Wednesday morning and found that many live broadcasts of the demo were being taken down as they were happening. Users were telling each other not to film big crowds to avoid getting their videos taken down.

“Please help us spread the word and get us on the front page of every newspaper in the country!” yelled one of the live broadcasters to his audience.

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